Searching for something other than the usual selection of Instagram and Snapchat filters? Make your photos stand out with the best photo filter and effects apps that have unique themes. Find anything you need, from vaporwave and hippy style filters to a selection of carefully curated vintage filters, and more! You can also take a more hands-on approach and add some great 3D and color pop effects to your photos. When getting that next Instagram post ready, let your personality shine through with the best photography filter!

Trippy Effects (Android) & 1967 (iOS)

Want to instantly add personality to your photos? Choose from a variety of unique filters with Trippy Effects (Android) and 1967 (iOS). With just a few taps, you can import your photo, add filters, adjust effects, and share on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook! Trippy Effects is great if you love colors and want to show a bit of your eccentric side. Select from great filters like hippy, duotones, vaporwave, acid trip and more. The color effects are truly amazing and will give the pictures that quirky edge you’ve been looking for. With 1967, find a curated selection of beautiful vintage filters. The interface is user-friendly and minimalistic, making it super-easy to edit and share your photos. Apply and adjust filter intensity just by swiping horizontally and vertically. Finished editing your photo? Double tap to save it and share on social media!

Trippy Effects has over 30 artistic filters available for free. The developers worked hard at producing these great effects, so you will see ads now and then, which helps pay for more amazing content! With 1967, everything is so simple you don’t even have ads! Do you want to have more control over the photo editing process? You might prefer Color Pop. With 1967’s minimalistic approach, photo editing is hassle-free and fast!

3D Effect (Android) & Color Pop (iOS)

For a more hands-on approach to your photo editing, 3D Effect (Android) and Color Pop (iOS) are great choices. Take full control over a variety of tools and effects, and get the exact look and feel you want! With 3D Effect, add a three-dimensional element to your photos without the need for a 3D camera. Adjust the direction, intensity, and feel of the 3D effect and even add 3D art too! This is a great way to make your pictures more interesting and fun! With Color Pop, you take full control over the color of every element in your photo. Make the sky purple, turn your hair a rainbow color, and make your eyes orange too! Your imagination is the limit. You can also turn photos black and white and highlight only certain areas where you want an explosion of color. Easily create and share stunning photos in less than 5 minutes!

3D Effect is specially designed to add that three-dimensional element to your photos. Want a more varied selection of filters? You might prefer Trippy Effects. You can also use them both and produce photos that are out of this world! Photo editing perfectionists will love using Color Pop’s features to create truly eye-catching photos. Did you make a mistake when highlighting the area of the photo you wanted to color? Easily undo any mistake and adjust the zoom and brush size to select the fine details you want to colorize!

Instead of using the same old social media filters on your photos, give them a touch of your personality and make them stand out in your next social media post. Get the best photo filters now, when you need them, with the best photo filter and effects apps with themes right on your mobile device! For more filter options, make sure you check out our Best 10 Filter and Effect Apps for Photos!

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