Forget about cutting, pasting, and decorating your scrapbook pages with messy photo collages. Now you can use a handy photo collage maker to do it for you! Here are the best mobile tools for helping you put together a digital photo collage.

1. Simple Collage Makers

Less is more, right? These simple apps are the easiest and simplest picture collage makers out there. For most of them, you simply choose the photos and voilà! Picture-perfect collages in seconds.

Pic Collage

The sleek design and clean layouts are perfect for aspiring mommy bloggers who want to impress their Instagram followers. It’s been praised by publications like USA Today and the LA Times, so you know it’s got to be pretty good.

PicsArt Photo Studio 

Do you love stickers? Because this free collage maker has a huge collection of adorable graphic stickers for you to add to your collages, and art tools so you can make your photos into masterpieces!

Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid (android) & Photo Collage Creator (ios)

Need something different? Here are some unusual and unique collage frames that allow you to create extremely personalized collages. Their super easy point-and-place photo grid design is simple enough for anyone to understand, plus you can adjust the collage borders just as easily in both apps.

2. Advanced Tools

Do you consider yourself a pro at collages and photo editing already? Then these advanced tools are probably more on your level than the simple collage makers!


Google Play selected this photo editor as a winner of the 2018 App Excellence recognition for a good reason. Create collages optimized for all kinds of social media, including that tricky Instagram Story ratio!

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is an icon in the online collage maker world, having been around since the beginning of Instagram. Probably because it’s been around forever, it has well over 200 collage picture frames in 15 (!) aspect ratios - perfect for a collage pro who knows exactly what they’re looking for.

3. Selfies

Selfie queens and Pinterest moms alike can rejoice in these niche editing tools specifically designed for social media selfies and scrapbook-style collages. Create a digital pic collage perfect for showing off to all your friends and followers.

Photo Collage Pro

You will not believe how many selfie-editing options this app has. If you can dream it, you can probably make it! Beautify your selfies, add social media-themed stickers, and even recreate the kinds of fun filters you see on Snapchat and Insta stories.

Photo Collage Editor (android) & Photo Collage (ios)

Sometimes you want something as simple as possible. With this photo editor, you just select a layout and select your photos. Create a great selfie collage in minutes. That’s all! You’ll have perfect print-ready collages in no time. Plus, there are some other features here that make it useful for multiple projects, but we’ll get to that later… 

There are so many photo collage tools to help you preserve your favorite memories. Hopefully, this review will help you decide which is best for you, but if you’re unsure, here’s a full rundown of the Best 10 Photo Collage Apps.

Spice up your photos with a photo collage. Give your stories meaning and express those stories with these great collage makers.


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