Memorizing the periodic table of elements can be quite a challenge. The periodic table song is great for getting to know all the elements, but it can only get you so far. When doing chemistry calculations, you need more detailed information on the elements. Don’t spend your time going through your textbooks or searching on Google every time you need to do a calculation. Whether you want to look up a periodic table with charges or a periodic table with atomic mass information, you can find everything you need in just a few taps! To save you time, we selected the best periodic table of elements apps with a solubility table. All the information you need in your front pocket!

Periodic Table (Android) & Quick Elements (iOS)

Looking for a reliable source of information for all 118 elements? Periodic Table (Android) and Quick Elements (iOS) are great choices for finding everything you need for free! From atomic and chemical properties to the date of discovery and photographs of the elements, the library of data is tremendous. You can also see the full periodic table in one screen too! Need to check the solubility table? A great user-interface makes it easy to get the facts you need fast. Periodic Table constantly updates its database, so you will always have the latest information at your fingertips. Use a search engine to find an element and it will automatically be highlighted in the periodic table! Quick Elements takes it a step further with up to 4 separate view configurations for table elements!

Need to fully research a specific element? You might not find all the information in Periodic Table. Click on the Wikipedia link from within the app to instantly find out more. Quick Elements integrates the Wikipedia page for every element within its interface for further convenience! Did you just upgrade your phone to the latest model? The developers of Quick Elements take their time to make sure the app runs as fast and smooth as possible, so you might see a delay before a compatible version is released. Their hard work pays off, with loyal users eager to use Quick Elements on every device!


Want some help with your chemistry calculations? Check your numbers, input equations and predict reactions with Chemistry. Get all the help you need in organic and inorganic chemistry, and learn how elements interact with each other! Use a dynamic periodic table to find out details of any element just by tapping on it. Need to know the number of ions for an element? Find out instantly with an easily accessible solubility table! The interface is user-friendly with color-coded elements, tables, and charts for easy viewing.

Easily access information from the periodic table with a pan and zoom feature to quickly focus on the element you are interested in. However, you won’t be able to zoom out completely and view the periodic table in one screen. For this option, you might prefer Periodic Table. Chemistry’s ability to check your chemistry calculations is priceless. Not getting a result? Double check your input equation for a typo you may have missed! 

Focus on your chemistry calculations with handy information on all of the elements right at your fingertips. Instantly check the periodic table, solubility table and any other information you need without the need of a textbook or a Google search. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, make sure you check out our Best 10 Apps for the Periodic Table of Elements!

Chemistry's building blocks, always at your fingertips! Choose from digital, interactive, and printable pdf versions of the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Periodic Table of Elements

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Best 10 Apps For The Periodic Table Of Elements