Sometimes reading, editing and sending off a PDF can't wait for you to get back to your office desktop. With a good PDF reader and editor app, you can review and comment from the comfort of your living room chair. Change your document from PDF to word or PDF to JPG while you're delayed at the airport or rotate and crop your pages during the wait for your morning coffee. It’s that simple!

Foxit MobilePDF 

Who said PDFs can’t be high quality on a small screen? Readable pages are within reach using Foxit MobilePDF’s adjustable reading settings, text reflow options, and dual page view. Plus with tons of editing and annotating tools at your fingertips, you can do anything when it comes to your documents! And Foxit makes it easy to share everything through the app so you can edit, collaborate and interact all in one place. You can even use your touchscreen to draw or write freehand, making for a more flexible and fast way to annotate.

Like many PDF editor programs, there is a subscription fee for the advanced tools. Luckily, Foxit gives you the full version free for a whole week for you to see just how helpful the texting and image editing and PDF converter features are. And even if money’s a little tight, the superior PDF reader is always free to use and more than worth it if you need a good, portable way to read your documents.

PDF Reader 

Read, manage and markup any file with ease! PDF Reader is great for mobile-friendly reading, and it stores everything you need with a simple interface that organizes each file by type, so it’s not limited to just PDF files. With the PDF merge feature, you can scan and import pages of all kinds and seamlessly rearrange them together, then export with a quick click. You’ll also love the annotation drawing and highlighting features for catching mistakes or flagging an important section to return to. And since the app can be accessed on any device, you can pick right back up where you left off once you make it back to your desk.

Users should be aware that PDF Reader does not have a collaboration feature in the app. However, it’s still easy to export and share your files with colleagues or clients, and you can link any shared cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Docs to get files to anyone at the touch of a button. Plus, you’ll have those documents ready to go so much faster with the fantastic reading and editing tools!

Don’t limit yourself to larger screens only when it comes to reading and editing your files! For more even more ways to change your files from JPG to PDF on the go, check out our 10 Best PDF Editing Apps.

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