PDF editors and PDF converters are very useful tools for students, business people, and anyone else needing to create and edit documents. Without a converter, it is difficult or impossible to convert a PDF to Word document, a PDF to JPG, a JPG to PDF, or perform a PDF merge. These tools will prove invaluable to anyone looking for a PDF Editor combined with an Office Suite.

WPS Office 

WPS Office allows you to edit documents, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, and more wherever you are! One of its most prominent features is a PDF reader and converter, that will allow you to edit your downloaded documents on the go. No matter your need, this app will come through. It’s like “the Swiss-Army knife of office productivity apps.” 

One feature that the app provides is saving your documents to the Cloud so that you can access them on other devices that you own. Each time you save, the app will ask if you wish to save it to the cloud. This can seem redundant, but what a small inconveience when compared to the convenience of being able to access your work from anywhere.


Much like WPS Office, OfficeSuite offers not only a PDF reader, converter, and editor, but also a spreadsheet and powerpoint editor. You can easily edit your PDF files wherever you are as well as create fillable PDFs and work with your colleagues on shared files. Converting your files is as simple as the touch of a button, making your work easy and fast so be super productive!

One minor inconvenience for this app is that when you are working with images, it isn't possible to move the image behind the text. If you need this specific feature, then you'll probably find Polaris Office a better fit.

Polaris Office

To combat OfficeSuite’s image editing limitation, Polaris does allow the movement of images behind the text, so you have full freedom to work with your images. Polaris also offers all of the features that the previous apps do, but with an interface that is even cleaner and more intuitive. This great app is perfect if you are looking for something simple to use that can also perform most every task you need!

There have been complaints that there is no way to save files off the cloud. Every time you save, your files go to the cloud so that you can pull them up later on a different device and continue your work. However, if you do not want your files saved to the cloud, then check out one of the other great PDF apps.

There are plenty of options out there if you need to edit or convert your PDF documents, you just need to try them out and see which one is best for you! For more suggestions, look at our Best 10 PDF Editing Apps.

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