Whether or not you know how to play checkers, these games are sure to be loads of fun. Maybe you are just learning to play, or maybe you are a master at checkers strategy. Either way, you'll stay occupied playing games against lots of other people in these online checkers games.

Checkers Elite

Checkers Elite offers many cool features that make boring old checkers not so boring anymore! Play with other people from your country or choose to be more worldly and play internationally. Play classic horizontal mode, or mix it up and play diagonally. You can even unlock different styles and colors for your checkers board and personalize your checker army. 

One feature of the game is that each player is given a finite amount of time to make their move. This adds a certain amount of urgency and excitement to the game however; if you are looking for a calm, slow game of checkers, you might one to check out one of the other great games we've suggested.

Checkers Free (android) & Checkers Classic Online (ios)

Checkers Free is a very simple game with many possibilities. It allows you to play against the computer, picking the difficulty level of your AI opponent. It also has a "level system", so the more games you win, the harder your opponents will become to beat. Checkers Classic Online is a simple game, but sometimes the simplest things are the most pleasant. Play against the computer, try "pass the phone" mode with a friend, or play online with friends and strangers. 

If stunning graphics are what you need to enrich your game experience, you'll find Checkers Free to be a bit simple. However, if you want an easy-to-play game that will just let you play a nice game of checkers, then this game definitely fits the bill. When playing against the computer, Checkers Classic Online is much easier to beat than Checkers Free, so if you are a beginner, then this may be the best choice for you!

Checkers Online (android) & Checkers STAR (ios)

Checkers Online allows you to challenge random opponents, your friends, or the computer to a fun game of checkers. It is very straightforward: start a game, win the game, claim the championship! If you like to play and you play to win, then why not try out this fun checkers game? Checkers STAR will also let you play online or against the machine, and it lets you pick the type of rules you want to play with! Perhaps you want to play checkers with Russian rules? No problem!

In contrast to some of the other apps, Checkers Online does not allow you to change the difficulty level of the AI player.  But you can take the challenge and see how you stack up against the computer. Checkers STAR is a pretty great game, however; it will not allow you to play with a friend in "pass the phone" mode. So, if that is the way you prefer to play, then try Checkers Classic Online.

If you're looking for even more fun checkers games, you know where to look! Check out our Best 10 Games For Playing Checkers.

Checkers made convenient! Learn how to play traditional checkers and its many variations against the computer or an online opponent, when and where you want.


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