Humans have only two hands, that's not really a mystery. But often, we have more work than our ten hard-working fingers can handle. In those moments, even writing down a simple note can seem like a big job. In short, not a lot of fun. Nevertheless, writing down notes is important both in private life and business. So why not swap writing for talking? With the three apps below and their super simple voice recording option, you can be sure you'll always have one hand free.


When you exchange writing for recording only to realize now you have to guess which part of the audio you memoed a crucial piece of info, it's tricky. And in the end, neither written nor recorded notes work. If you're one of the people who can't seem to catch a break, Notebook has the answer. You can easily mix voice notes, writing and images on the same note with zero stress. This gives you tons of freedom especially if you're a musician and you need to write down music notes and record singing at the same time. Finally, just for fun, you can add a quick selfie while you're at it.

But wait a minute. Doesn't tons of different features, controls, and possibilities make the entire task of taking notes more complicated than it needs to be? In most other cases that would be true, but Notebook manages to incorporate numerous features without losing the user-friendliness. We don't know how they manage to do it, but if you scroll through their past patch notes, you'll see they are constantly working hard to provide the best experience possible. And that's a plus in our notebook.

Keep My Notes (android) & SuperNote Notes (ios)

Taking notes is all about effectiveness. You want to memo as much information as possible in the shortest time period. Both Keep My Notes and SuperNote are all about being efficient and simple. While SuperNote allows you to record voice notes and write at the same time, Keep My Notes takes a bit of a different approach by instantly transforming voice into writing. And if you're one of those people that's all thumbs (let's be honest, most of us are), both apps are generous enough to spell-check every single word automatically. You have to admit, it saves time and makes writing important notes much easier.

Both apps are amazing at what they do, but they have slight differences. SuperNote allows helpful color coding so no matter how many spark notes you create, you can find every single one instantly. Keep My Note sadly doesn't have that option, but to compensate, it allows you to handwrite notes making it feel as if writing on an actual notepad. Basically, you have a tool where you can voice record, write words down and even draw stunning images. It might be us, but note taking just became exciting.

If you don't feel comfortable voice recording, don't worry, you can still write your notes and disregard the recording function. And, if you are looking for something more noteworthy, check out our Best 10 Note Taking Apps. 

Remember everything from thoughts to pictures with the best note taking apps. Relieve your memory bank with these note taking apps and focus on what matters.

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