We know a "problem shared is a problem halved" and success relies heavily on cooperation. Sure, you can try and be a lone wolf, but soon you'll realize every task is easier when shared. Nevertheless, cooperation brings a whole new bag of problems in the form of bad communication, misunderstandings and more. As a team member, keeping everyone updated often feels like you're aimlessly running from one point to another with an enormous question mark hovering over your head.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps that can make circulation of information super easy, even if its just updating the monthly shopping list. To make the entire process even easier, we listed four apps that are more than up to the task.


Notes is perfect for casual usage and note sharing between family members and friends. Colorful and user-friendly, anyone can start writing notes, add helpful images and even personalize each note with cool magnets. It's like having a digital fridge right on your device, minus the food cooling feature of course. Finally, sharing notes is extremely easy and you can instantly share on any platform like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and the list goes on.

The colorful design might put off people looking for something that's more business oriented, but don't get fooled by the cheerful magnets. Notes is also an extremely reliable tool thanks to features like trash recovery that ensures not a single piece of information gets lost.


Design-wise, Evernote finds that sweet spot between casual and professional, thus having an extremely wide appeal. But it's not the sweet looks that made Evernote one of the more popular note-sharing tools out there. You can effortlessly take notes in numerous formats like text, images, PDFs, audio and even video if you feel like filming. Unlike Notes, Evernote doesn't use third services for sharing, but everything is neatly organized within the app making it perfect for practically everything.

When you first start using Evernote, you'll likely think there isn't a function they didn't think off. You can organize, plan, take notes, share, sync devices and the list goes on. The only downside is that unlike Notes, it might take a few minutes for you to figure everything out. But once you do, there won't be anything standing between you and getting a job done as fast as possible. 


As soon as you see the logo design, you'll know whose ballpark you are in. OneNote is like the bigger brother of Notepad and is just one of many Microsoft tools which can only mean one thing - super easy tool synchronization. It's quite impressive how efficient sharing can be when you have so many powerful tools at your disposal. What's even cooler, OneNote helps even the busiest of us to easily write down notes in any situation. You can write helpful cliff notes while browsing the internet or taking a call. Finally, if you're itching to reply in a more creative fashion, simply tap the pen and start writing over the note.

As said, it's Microsoft's ballpark and if you're running a business, you'll need to sync OneNote with OneDrive to get the most out of the tools. There's no alternative but then again, who needs an alternative when everything is running perfectly so smoothly?

Sticky Notes + Widget

Anytime you turn on a device, the home screen is the first thing you see. And although it's extremely tempting to decorate the screen with cute images, you can also turn it into an extremely helpful tool. Sticky Notes allows you to easily "stick" important notes straight to the home screen and organize them in super accessible folders and subfolders. When it comes to sharing, Sticky Notes believes it's all about having fun and we can't agree more. You can quickly share notes both as text and drawing, giving you tons of freedom and a high possibility to creatively spark notes on the go. If you're a musician, you can even draw music notes to ensure that stroke of creativity never gets lost.

Although having powerful features, in extremely rare situations Sticky Notes can feel unintuitive. With power comes great potential, but also a greater risk. Nonetheless, the sheer fact Sticky Notes is doing something different ensures there's a bright future for all users and we can expect only progress in the future.

We know sharing is caring and there's no sense in keeping everything for yourself. Thus, if you still haven't found what you're looking for, we're sharing our Best 10 Note Taking Apps list to make the job easier. 

Remember everything from thoughts to pictures with the best note taking apps. Relieve your memory bank with these note taking apps and focus on what matters.

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