Football is considered America’s greatest pastime. Every Sunday, right after Labor Day through December, friends, and family gather to watch their favorite teams. So, how do you stay up to date on the latest NFL news? Where can you catch NFL live scores? What platform has the best NFL live streaming? Below are the answers you’re looking for to stay in the game.

Football NFL 2018 

The Football NFL 2018, Stats, & Schedules is a great place to start if you want to to keep up with all the NFL action as it happens. Get up to the minute news about your favorite teams and players. And watch NFL live highlights and clips from any game, Football NFL 2018 is your guidebook to all game listings, players, and team stats right in your pocket. Its simple and extremely functional design is a win for any NFL fan.

Football NFL 2018 does not offer NFL live streams of games at this moment. However, they do offer live streaming of up-to-the-minute highlights. And, as long as you are setting up your notifications and favorites you’ll never miss a game.     

Football Live

Football Live is similar to the Football NFL 2018 app mentioned above, but it comes with some perks. You will get the NFL live streams, and stay up to date with NFL draft live updates. But the creators went a step further to make a place where NFL enthusiasts can go to get all the latest news and NFL entertainment they can find; including YouTube channels, podcasts, and NFL articles written by NFL fans for NFL fans.

Since Football Live offers so many up to the minute NFL live streams in the way of highlights, score, stats, and news, there is a lot of content to shuffle through. This can seem overwhelming but think of it like being a kid in a candy store again. Set your favorites and turn on notifications to keep up with what’s important to you. 

There are many places you can go to get live NFL stream updates straight to your phone. With these and so many more, you will be up to date and in the game every step of the way. If you still want more, check out our Best 10 NFL & Football Apps.

Follow NFL live streams & get all the trending rumors, news & scores easily. Customize your NFL information feed based on your preference.

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