There's nothing worse than missing a big game for your favorite football team. But with these apps, you don't have to! Get everything from live video of the game to all the schedules, news, stats and updates you need to keep informed at every second. With detailed analysis and on-demand video highlights in HD, it'll be just like you're right there in the stands!

Dallas Cowboys

Fans of "America's Team" will love rooting for their favorite players on the official app for the Dallas Cowboys. Listen to Cowboys radio broadcast or watch NFL live streaming and on-demand games. Also, get live score updates and NFL news on your notifications, and keep track of standings and stats, all on a white and navy interface to really get you in the spirit. The video highlights allow you to watch the best drive of the game over and over again. Even during the offseason, there's plenty of podcasts and social media posts to get you ready, with a countdown to that first, glorious kick-off!

The live game commentary is the best if you need to multi-task while you keep tabs on the score, but some users have noted that the radio broadcasts do not continue playing when you close out of the app to do other tasks on your phone. Luckily, you can quickly answer texts during any timeouts or breaks and open the app right back up to pick up where you left off.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Not a Cowboys fan? If black and gold is more your style, perhaps the Pittsburgh Steelers app is the one for you! Never miss an amazing play again with Steelers live radio and score updates. If you just need a quick catch-up of the game, you can get HD video highlights and score breakdowns at the touch of a button. With so many updates, interviews, and in-depth charts, you'll get to the know your team even better. Plus, if you're tired of only watching the action on your screen, you can purchase tickets for a game at the stadium right through the app!

Fans love that they can get score notifications every time the Steelers make a touchdown or field goal but have pointed out that the push notifications are only for the Steelers’ scores and not the opposing team’s. For detailed, live score updates of any game, it's a good idea to open up the app so you always know what's going on!


For all other football team fans or fans of multiple teams, the official NFL app is sure to meet your needs. Get any NFL live stream in the palm of your hand to take with you on your bus commute or while you wait at the airport. Even watch the championship games and the highly-anticipated Superbowl! Plus, get all news updates and watch the NFL draft live from your device, or scroll through detailed statistics about each team and player. You'll have access to everything the NFL network has to offer, including articles, video highlights, play-by-play commentary, and drive charts, for whatever team you're rooting for.

This app is packed full of video content, but certain NFL subscriptions or cable authentications may be required to view things such as the NFL live streaming features or on-demand recorded games. While the subscription is recommended to get full access, the live score updates and team information is available to anyone. No matter what, this app is the perfect companion for any NFL fanatic.

With these apps on your device, you'll be game day ready, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Check out our other ways to watch NFL live streams and get all the football 411 with our Best 10 NFL & Football Apps!

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