Best Mystery-Solving Horror Adventure Games

Strikingly realistic graphics

The definitive puzzle experience

4.8 Ratings 286K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


Our pick for the best mystery-solving horror adventure game is The Room because of its impressive graphics. The intense realism of the graphics put you right in the setting so it feels like you're actually there! Whether you want a good scare or a good puzzle to solve, you can do so while immersing yourself in the spooky world of The Room

Multiple endings

You found a phone belonging to a missing person. What would you do?

4.1 Ratings 85K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads


Sara is Missing is our runner-up for mystery-solving horror adventure games as it has multiple endings, which means that you can play and replay the game with different outcomes every time. Personalize the way you play by making the choices that seem right to you. Don't like the ending you received? Play again to see what you can do differently! It's fun and new, no matter how many times you play.

How We Choose The Best Apps

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    Our unique algorithm scoured the App Store and Google Play Store by searching horror game, horror games and paranormal games. From there, we retrieved a total of 963 unique (451 Android apps and 512 iOS apps) as potential candidates
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    We then selected the highest quality apps from the 963 apps listed. We compared the number of stars, downloads, and reviews along with the velocity of these apps to create a list of the Best Horror Adventure Games for both Android & iOS.
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    Finally, our editorial team spent tens of hours checking every single listed app on our Best 10 list, comparing these apps and their features, to come up with the Best Mystery-Solving Horror Adventure Games just for you!

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Who is this for ?

Do you adore free horror games and multiplayer horror games? Do you think that the best horror games and rpg horror games have an element of mystery-solving to them? Do you wish there were more horror games online? This article brings all of your favorite things right to you! Discover mystery-solving horror adventure games that will keep you in suspense as you try to figure out who-done-it - all from the palm of your hand! 

What Matters

Choosing the mystery-solving horror adventure game that's right for you can be a challenge! There are a couple things you might want to keep in mind to make the decision easier for you: 

One ending or multiple

Are you someone who likes to play through a game to reach your desired ending in one go? If that's the case, you're going to want a game that has one single ending but may take you longer to reach it. Like to keep a level of suspense and customization as you play? You'll want to try a game with different endings so you can see exactly effect your choices have on the outcome. 

Puzzle-solving or finding clues

Do you prefer your mystery games to have problems you can solve? Then you are going to want a game that offers puzzles you can use your wits to figure out. Prefer to solve mysteries by locating clues and witnesses? You'll prefer a game that offers a variety of clue-finding options like talking to potential witnesses, locating emails, and more.  

Our Pick: The Room

The definitive puzzle experience

4.8 Ratings 286K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads



Solve the mystery of The Room while immersing yourself into the story with incredibly scary, realistic graphics and finger controls that make it easy for you to play one-handed, so you can use the other hand to cover your eyes! Easily stop the game other responsibilities come up and then pick up right where you left off when you want to play again. The multi-faceted mystery is perfect for those who are looking for a fun, engaging challenge!


Make sure that the phone or mobile device you are using has software that is up-to-date, otherwise, you may be unable to participate in all aspects of the game. If you want to make sure you can access the full mystery-solving experience, just make sure to double check your device for updates before you download the game. 

Runner Up: SIM - Sara Is Missing

You found a phone belonging to a missing person. What would you do?

4.1 Ratings 85K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads



Chat with people in-game as you play to try to find out what happened to Sara. Receive mysterious calls and texts from in-game characters that you can use to sleuth your way to the truth. Get stuck on a clue? Receive hints from the mobile phone helper to set you on the right path. With first-hand style footage, you will feel like you're directly in the game, helping to discover what exactly happened to Sara. 


If you don't answer a question fast enough, the game will automatically choose the answer for you. It's part of the realism and immersion of the game. If you want to successfully solve the mystery, stay on your toes and make decisions quickly - just like in the real world - or deal with the consequences!

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