When it comes to enjoying music, we've come full circle. From the early days, when you could only listen to vinyl records or what the radio decided to play, to on-demand sites like Pandora Radio that provide an endless amount of choices. The only problem with on-demand sites was - no internet, no music. But recently more and more streaming sites provide offline music listening thus combining the best of both worlds. Limitless options you can take no matter where you go.

Spotify Music

If you listen to music even a little, you likely know about Pandora Music and Spotify Music - two giants when it comes to on-demand music streaming. The difference being Spotify focuses more on delivering exactly the songs you want no matter the genre or popularity. Besides bringing the world of music to your fingertips, Spotify allows you to download over 3000 songs and take them with you. And that's more than enough for any party or camping trip.

The minor downside is the offline listening comes with the premium account. But look at it this way,  you get all the music you'll ever need and you can take it wherever you want. Just a few years ago, one studio album was more than the monthly Spotify subscription and you only got around 10 songs. Here you get millions of instantly accessible songs for the same price.


If you're looking for new musical talent, how about SoundCloud? Over 150 million songs from every possible genre and music artists, no matter how obscure or mainstream they might be. SoundCloud is the breeding ground for current and future megastars and you can instantly discover any music before it hits the big time. The offline listening option comes with SoundCloud Go and it's half the price compared to Spotify. Plus, a percentage of the revenue goes to artists, so you're directly supporting talented people by listening to their music. Sharing is caring and SoundCloud is all about that.

Both Spotify and SoundCloud are similar but with subtle differences. Although both are amazing in their own way, you're better off with Spotify if you want a wide variety of music instantly. SoundCloud, on the other hand, is better if you need a surprising boost of new and fresh music. Either way, if you're a music lover, you can't go wrong with either of these.

Amazon Music

Unlike Spotify's 3,333 song limitation, Amazon Music allows you to download as many songs as you want and listen to them no matter where you go. The most interesting advantage is the ever-talkative Alexa. You can instantly start any song even if you don't know the title or artist's name. Just ask Alexa to play the song with specific lyrics and you're likely to get what you want. With a limitless amount of music in your pocket, this becomes extremely helpful.

Amazon Music provides all the famous songs and artists minus the lesser-known - something that SoundCloud and Spotify do to a larger extent. Thus, if you're all about listening to fantastic music by great artists, Amazon Music is your service of choice. 

The offline listening feature is pretty much the same for all three apps, so it all comes down to subtle differences. Do you want instant access to a wide range of music? Then Spotify will do the trick. SoundCloud is the way to go if you want a balanced mix of the famous and the unknown. And if you want a super easy, zero-touch control over the music, you might want Amazon Music. Finally, if none of the apps satisfy your music needs, you can check out our Best 10 Music Streaming Apps list. There's a surprise at every corner.

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