From honing your timing for a perfect gear shift to kicking out the back-end for a sublime drift, you’ll develop your racing skills in no time with these popular car racing games. A tremendous amount of driving games have surfaced over the past few years. But don’t worry, we’ve weeded out the best ones so you don’t have to.

Although there has been a resurgence of slot car racing, only modern car games can satisfy that need for speed. These race car games will have you strapped to your seat, bringing you endless hours of racing. Enjoy the ride!

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a must-play for gamers who like their cars fast and their physics loose. This highly popular game features exciting, often insane arcade racing from a Dodge to a high-performance Bugatti, and has enough game modes to keep it interesting. Players steer their race car across 50+ high-speed tracks in a number of cities while capturing the sheer thrills and spills of real-world rallying. With over 350 million downloads, this game offers an endless stream of fun!

You may be nudged towards in-app purchases for the high-level vehicles, but by earning in-game cash you can remain with your current car collection and play for free. It’s impossible not to recommend Asphalt 8 to racers. It’s a solid, good-looking game that offers the thrill of gravity-defying racing. This game leads the pack!

City Racing 3D

City Racing 3D features real competition, real cars, real tracks and real-time racing with epic drift stunts. Start with a basic car and work your way up to better ones, race by race. This freemium game will have you racing around the world’s most bustling metropolises like Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Cairo and Hawaii in record time.

Even if you race perfectly, it is hard to catch the leaders in the game. But if you are looking for a lighthearted fun racer game to play offline with friends, give this one a try. Kids especially enjoy this game and it is more forgiving than Asphalt 8. Get ready to bring fast driving to a whole new level with City Racing 3D.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the most aesthetically pleasing of Firemint’s popular racing series. This game has stunning visuals that provide over 200 meticulously detailed cars that race on 18 real-world tracks such as Silverstone or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The motion controls allow players to personalize their driving style by modifying braking, steering and traction control. Touch Arcade calls this ‘A stunning masterpiece on mobile”. This is the ultimate racing experience!

To unlock the full potential of this game, players must pay to upgrade and be a bit patient while servicing your car every couple of races. But if you’re really good and can win enough of their in-game currency, you’ll do just fine. Grab your Smartphone and download this free app today. You’ll be impressed with the mind-blowing graphics that appear on the small screen of your mobile device. Race anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a physics-based racing game where players attempt to complete a race against another opponent on a wobbly Hot Wheels track. Everything you love about Hot Wheels is brought to life in this high adrenaline game. Impeding dangers and momentum determine whether your car is likely to flip, fall off a cliff, or simply run out of gas. Challenge your friends in competitive multiplayer mode on the iconic Hot Wheel orange track.

If you like to race multiple vehicles at a time, you'll likely be a bit frustrated playing this game as the game forces you to upgrade before it unlocks another vehicle. However, there is an addictive quality to this game that keeps you coming back for more, no matter how many times you crash and burn. Face it, you’ll never outgrow Hot Wheels.

These car racing games will provide all the nail-biting, speed demon fantasies you've ever wanted. The time is ripe to be a revhead. And when you're ready for more, check out our Best 10 Car Racing Games here.

Experience true speed with car racing games for adults & children alike. Be careful, just because kids can play, it doesn’t mean these race car games are easy.

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