Bowling has always been a popular form of entertainment that unites thousands of players. But if you can't find anyone to hit the lanes with, grab one of these bowling apps to get a convincing simulation of knocking down the skittles. And we don’t mean the chewable kind!

No need to wait for a lane to open up at your local bowling alley when you can bowl from the comfort of your own home. Simply download one of these bowling apps, swipe your screen to unleash the ball and rack up a high-score in no time. Below are four of the best multiplayer bowling games we chose just for you! 

Bowling King

Touted as being one of the Greatest 1-on-1 multiplayer bowling games, this app features over 60 fantastic bowling balls, 27 pins and lanes that show off your class. The main rule is to knock down pins by rolling the ball on a specially prepared track. This game has serious rules, an abundance of equipment settings and awesome visual effects. There are 5 rankings and over 120 achievements to conquer. It’s not how you bowl, its how you roll!

Bowling King can only be played with an internet connection, but you can download and play it for free. Throw your strike in fantastic bowling alleys around the world: Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Paris and more! With customized gameplay, this app is sure to keep you occupied for hours. Bowl together with your friends anytime, anywhere!

PBA Bowling Challenge

The PBA Bowling Challenge is a realistic bowling simulator, with an impressive number of modes, stunning graphics, and full statistics. This allows you to easily track your success in different leagues. The goal here is to set a personal record and bypass rivals. With split balls, bomb balls and 100 different bowling balls, you’ll definitely find this game entertaining and challenging!

The more successful the player becomes, the more expensive it is to take part in a match. But you can always pony-up by raising the energy cap permanently or paying for energy refreshes. Either way, you could find yourself mastering the high spin of Norm Duke or the high cranking backswing of Tommy Jones.

10 Pin Shuffle Bowling

A game with very bright graphics and realistic physics, 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling offers elements of bowling, poker, and shuffleboard. Each player shoots two shuffleboard weights at the pins, just like bowling. A spare receives one playing card, a strike receives two cards. After ten frames, the player with the best five card poker hand wins. Do you feel lucky?

For a small fee, you can upgrade to the Pro version and not be bombarded by adverts or in-app purchase requests. But with over 6 million downloads, the free version is just as fun and is available on all your devices. If you have time to spare, check out this app today!

Bowling 3D Extreme FREE

Test your bowling skills with this #1 bowling game with amazing realistic 3D graphics. This ain't no candlepin bowling! Choose from 16 unique custom bowling balls, 3 game modes and realistic physics that will have you bowling to perfection. 

Gameplay wise, this is a less challenging game than some of the other choices.  But, the game certainly makes up for the simplicity with stunning graphics that you won’t disappoint. So what are you waiting for? Download the most addicting 3D bowling game for your mobile now. Try it, you’ll strike it!

If you’re ready to lace up and take to the lanes, we’ve got you covered with these addictive and popular bowling games. You’ll soon be boasting with pinhead pride! Instead of randomly searching “bowling near me” pick one of our Best 10 Multiplayer Bowling Games instead.

Grab your bowling ball and shoes and head to the virtual world of strikes and spares to test your skills in these top-of-their-genre arcade bowling games.

Arcade Bowling Games

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