Buying a new home is a big decision so it is important to have the right tools available to help you select the best option. Not sure if you can afford that two-story house you loved? We have selected the best mortgage calculator apps with real-time rates. Find out how much you can afford to spend on a new home with accurate and detailed payment information right at your fingertips. Select a down payment that fits your budget and see what future payments will look like to make the best decision.

Mortgage by Zillow

Find the best mortgage option that fits your budget with Mortgage by Zillow. Easily use a free mortgage payoff calculator and quickly find out how much you can afford to spend. Do you need help finding a lender for your new home? Compare mortgage rates, fees, monthly payments and more with personalized quotes from over 100 lenders near you. Select from the best lender options and contact them instantly directly through the app! Want to see how rates have changed? Compare past rates and current quotes with a ‘Rate History’ feature. Whether you are a home shopper or homeowner, handy calculators give you the information you need.

When entering your down payment information, there is no option to enter a dollar amount directly. Just select the percentage that fits your budget! Mortgage by Zillow is free, so you will see ads. That is a small price to pay and will never compare to the incredible savings you’ll get.

Mortgage Calculator by QL

Want to see a complete breakdown of all your mortgage payment options? Mortgage Calculator by QL is a great choice. With 4 free intuitive calculators to choose from, you can quickly find out monthly mortgage payments, refinancing options, home affordability and more. Want to see how an extra payment will affect your loan? You can do that too! No need to look up mortgage rates today or at any other time. Real-time rates are updated automatically, so you always know what is happening.

Enter the exact down payment amount that you are planning to make. Do you want to input a percentage amount? You might prefer Mortgage by Zillow! With so much information readily available, Mortgage Calculator by QL might provide more than you are looking for. Not a problem since it is super user-friendly, with everything neatly presented. It is better to be fully informed and make the best decision!

Mortgage Calculator & Rates

Mortgage Calculator & Rates is a great choice if you are new to mortgage loans or any other type of loan for that matter. Whether you are working out aspects of your mortgage loan, car loan, student loan or credit card, manage all your financial matters in one easy-to-use calculator! Interactive sliders make it easy to input all the information quickly. Animated graphs with up-to-date numbers help you understand how your loan will look in the long run. There is no learning curve with Mortgage Calculator and Rates. It is super-easy to use and totally intuitive!

Not a fan of sliders for entering information? Type in any amount accurately with a large and simple keypad just by tapping on the numbers on the screen. Mortgage Calculator & Rates doesn’t offer the option to see how an extra payment will affect your loan. For this, you might prefer to use Mortgage Calculator by QL

Make the best decision when purchasing your new home with great mortgage payment calculator apps right at your fingertips. Cross-check the figures your bank gives you and find out if there is a better option with accurate real-time mortgage rates! For more mortgage calculators, check out our Best 10 Mortgage Calculator Apps!

Efficiently calculate your mortgage rates with a mortgage payment calculator. Find out today’s mortgage rates and create up to a 30-year mortgage plan.

Mortgage Calculator

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