No need to tear your hair out over complicated mortgage calculations and rates! These mortgage calculators break everything down into simple terms, with graphs and charts that make all the numbers much easier to visualize. You'll be a pro at comprehending your mortgage payments, and you'll find the best way to save yourself some money along the way.

Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators can help with just about any number crunching situation. It has a mortgage payoff calculator and more, with calculations also available for things like auto loans, stock returns, 401K plans and credit card payments. For mortgages, you can calculate everything from your estimated monthly payments to your tax savings. There's also a special Home Affordability calculator, so you can see exactly how your mortgage payment will fit into your budget without putting stress on your finances. Once you've put in the calculations, you can easily see the graph view of your payments over time!

The free version has tons of great calculators with very minimal, non-intrusive banner ads, but in order to enjoy all of the calculator features for your mortgage and much more, it is best to upgrade to the pro version with an easy, one-time payment! You'll be able to use everything ad-free and determine your financial situation for anything you can think of.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your mortgage principal, interest or term and see exactly what your monthly payments will look like. You can even factor in additional costs such as taxes or circumstances like interest rate changes and extra, one-time payments. See the numbers and amortization schedules in table view or use the analytics feature to generate a graph or chart for each calculation. The app also supports other currencies aside from the U.S. dollar with current conversion rates!

These calculator features are very in-depth and have more input fields than some other calculators. At first, you may have trouble figuring out what numbers to put in and where to put them. It's definitely a good idea to reach out to the app developers with any questions you have about how to use the app, as they are very quick to respond and helpful!

Mortgage Auto Loan Calculator (android) & Loan Calculator - Mortgage Car (ios)

The Mortgage Auto Loan Calculator is a fantastic way to see your projected monthly payments for any loan. Crunch all your numbers with ease, especially if you're not very familiar with mortgage rates. For more detailed numbers, switch to advanced mode to work out PMI or additional expenses. Every detail is broken down into charts and graphs for a nice visual. For a simple and useful iPhone mortgage payment calculator, look no further than Loan Calculator - Mortgage Car. This app is extremely user-friendly with a clear, color-coded interface and high quality graph images. Plus, with the early payoff calculator, you can see just how fast you can reasonably payoff your loans to save yourself money without breaking the bank!

Mortgage Auto Loan Calculator is perfect for all your simple or more complicated mortgage factoring, but there is no specific feature to easily share your calculations with others. It's best to take screenshots if you need to send your tables and charts in a quick message. And since Loan Calculator - Mortgage Car is so easy to use, keep in mind that it may not have all of the advanced features and extra data input fields as some other calculators, but it will give you a quick and easy estimate of your payments whenever you need it!

Stop stressing out too much about the numbers so you can focus on all the other fun and exciting parts of buying a home! To start making sense of your mortgage rates today, don't forget to read through our Best 10 Mortgage Calculator Apps.

Efficiently calculate your mortgage rates with a mortgage payment calculator. Find out today’s mortgage rates and create up to a 30-year mortgage plan.

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