Sending money around the world is a stressful process. Not only do you have to pay exchange rates and transaction fees for what you're sending, it can be hard to know whether the money actually arrived where and when it was supposed to. And if you need to internationally send money, PayPal isn't always the way to go. Instead, with these great apps, you can send money or make a payment as easily as sending a text message. With text alerts every step of the way, you'll never have to wonder about where your money went. It's all there, right on your phone!

Send Money with Remitly

Send Money with Remitly is a great option if you need to send money online. You can easily send money to family and friends, and with convenient transaction alerts, you will know exactly where your money is each step of the way, including when it has been received. It works internationally in over ten countries, including Mexico and most of Latin America, The Phillipeans, Vietnam, and more. It's faster and cheaper than a Western Union money transfer!

Though it covers the US and Mexico, there is less coverage in Canada, especially if you're sending money from Canada to India or back. But if you live anywhere else, Send Money with Remitly is a fantastic choice for your money transfer needs.

WorldRemit Money Transfer

With availability in over 145 countries, WorldRemit Money Transfer covers the world! You can send money as simply as sending a text message. Just choose whether to send the money as a bank deposit, cash pickup, or mobile transfer, and usually, in less than ten minutes, your money will be there, safe and sound. With text notifications every step of the way, including for whoever is receiving the money, you'll have peace of mind that your money is being transferred safely.

With so much availability around the world, WorldRemit Money Transfer does tend to charge slightly higher transaction fees than its competitors. But if you need money to go across the world as quickly as possible, WorldRemit is the way to go!

With so many options for transferring money available today, it can be hard to know what's best. But with these great apps, you'll always be prepared to send money around the world safely and securely. If you're looking for other money transfer options, like Xoom money transfer, check out our Best 10 Apps For Transferring Money!

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