Most people don't carry cash on them anymore. But with reliable and safe money transfer apps, you'll never have to worry about splitting the bill with friends or having your sister pay your back for those shoes she bought with your card. Simply use an app like Xoom money transfer for reliable cash transfers without the fuss. 


Send money online to friends and family quickly and easily with Venmo. You'll never have to worry about how to split the check again. Simply open the app, select which friend you wish to send money to, enter the amount, and send payment. It's really that simple. The money will immediately transfer from your bank account to theirs. Venmo is the easiest way to send money and receive cash. There is no transaction fee, so you won't be charged, unlike a western union money transfer. 

Although Venmo easily allows you to send cash, it works best for personal transactions, not business transactions. When it comes to transferring large amounts of money, your account might be flagged for security purposes. Venmo is best for exchanging money between friends; paying them back for things like dinner, concert tickets, or gas. Splitting the bill into 7 checks is a concern of the past. Use Venmo to keep track of your payments and send and receive money in a flash.


If you run or work for a business, PayPal is the best way to transfer funds. PayPal has been around for over 10 years and is incredibly reliable and secure. Millions of businesses in over 100 countries use PayPal for their transactions. Send money with PayPal and see it in your account in an instant. All PayPal payments show up immediately to help you stay on top of your finances. You can send or request money with just a tap on the app with your mobile device or tablet.

Although PayPal is free when you send money to friends within the US, it does cost a small fee to send to businesses and to friends outside of the US. But this fee is exceptionally small and is there to ensure the security of your payment. As you can use your credit card as well as your debit card to pay for your balance, it gives you more flexibility in how you make your payments than most cash transfer apps. PayPal is the most flexible and versatile way to transfer money, whether it be a payment to your friend for drinks at the bar, or receiving a payment for your small business. There's no limit to how you can transfer your funds.

Send and receive money immediately with ease and confidence. Enjoy your time out with your friends without worrying about splitting the costs. Paying someone back has never been this easy. For more avenues to transfer money, check out our Best 10 Apps for Transferring Money!

Money transfers for the modern age. Safely send payments to friends, landlord, school, and more in moments online with mobile apps.

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