Services like Venmo, Paypal, and Apple Pay make payments to friends, family, and even strangers a piece of cake. But where do you turn when your go-to money transfer apps aren't supported internationally? Whether you're abroad and need to get some cash in your pocket from your family back home or just need to send some money to a friend in another country, these apps will save you time and money on otherwise high exchange rates. Banking across borders has never been easier!

Xoom Money Transfer

For a secure, international way to send money, PayPal has you covered with Xoom Money Transfer. Send money to over 56 countries right from the palm of your hand, and get money from overseas directly in your bank account. You can even pay international bills and reload prepaid phones from the app, making this a must-have for families that are separated in different countries. You're always guaranteed the best exchange rate and low transfer fees.

Be aware that a government-issued form of ID is required to use the Xoom Money Transfer services, but the app makes this easy to upload in a completely safe and secure way. You'll be ready to send money to anyone in the world in no time!

Western Union US 

Make a Western Union money transfer on the go straight through your device! With over 200 countries supported on the network, this app is especially great for seasoned worldwide travelers and their loved ones. You can easily set up payments to go through on specific dates to anyone, and add contacts and saved bank or card information for fast processing. You can also start transactions with the app and complete them using cash at any one of the Western Union locations near you.

When using the app directly after a recent Android or iOS software update, there may be a few errors as the bugs are worked out by the developers. Fortunately, the app support team is just an email away to help you solve any issues as quickly as possible, so you can get back to making your convenient payments through the app.

Cash App

For a way to save money and make transfers with no extra charges, look no further than Cash App. It's simple to navigate and use for everyone in your family. All payments are protected by password or fingerprint identification, so your money is always safe. You can also use your money in the app to get coupons and discounts for your favorite stores and restaurants, or even buy and sell Bitcoin at the touch of a button!

Users love the ability to receive money absolutely free with no added transfer fees; however, this sometimes means you must wait a few days to have the money available in your bank account. Not to worry if you do find yourself in a bind, money is always available for instant deposit for just a small fee.

TransferWise Money Transfer

Never pay marked-up bank exchange rates again with TransferWise. Send and receive money or pay bills across 28 different countries at the current exchange rate, with no extra or hidden fees. You can manage your account with up to 28 different currencies at the same time, so no need to exchange everything into one currency right away. It's the easiest way to manage multiple currencies if you're a frequent country-hopper!

While it's easy to save your frequent money recipients as contacts, there is currently no feature for requesting payment from another user on the app. But since the developers are quick to roll out new features, this will most likely be included in a future update.

With so many ways to send money online, you'll never have to deal with a complicated bank wire transfer again! For more ways to easily and securely exchange currency no matter where you are, check out our Best 10 Apps for Transferring Money.

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