Baseball season is well underway! Make sure you're up to date on all the latest news as the fall postseason quickly approaches. With these apps, you can see which teams are on top, any injury and lineup changes, and the best players for your fantasy pick. Whatever information you need, getting caught up on everything has never been easier, and you'll be ready and in-the-know come every MLB gameday.

MLB At Bat

The official Major League Baseball app for all of your baseball scores, news, and updates whenever you want them! You'll never miss a game again with live game features from TV broadcasts to radio commentary to detailed scores with play-by-play diagrams and highlights. See everything, old and new, with breaking news delivered to you instantly through notifications, or go through the video archives of historic games. You can root, root, root for your home team by featuring them on the homepage of your app, so you never miss a thing when it comes to your favorite players.

If you're looking for a great way to get all your MLB standings, scores, and information in one place, this app will be perfect for you! But if you are also interested in catching up on Minor League or college baseball, you may need to supplement that news with another app. MLB At Bat is strictly for everything you could possibly need for following Major League teams.


For huge sports lovers, theScore is truly a one-stop app for all the sports updates you could ever want, including your favorite baseball teams! Get all your important baseball references, such as player stats and line-ups, plus tons of great content like articles and news. Highlights and viral sports videos are available at the touch of a button, so you can rewatch that sweet home run hit over and over again. And with detailed box scores, it'll be just like having a live, baseball scorecard in your pocket for any game you don't want to miss.

Since theScore is an app for just about every professional and college sport, it can be a lot of news and information to sort through at once. Luckily, the favorites feature gives you the power to see only the news and updates you want to see in your feed with the teams of your choosing and in whatever order you want. Plus, getting the updates you need is always a breeze with customizable notifications!

The World Series will be here before you know it! Start getting the daily scoop on all things baseball now! For even more ESPN MLB scores at a glance and baseball 411 at your fingertips, don't miss our Best 10 MLB & Baseball Apps.

Get box scores, stats, lineups & live video for every Baseball league including MLB & College Baseball. Never miss a critical home run again.

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