First person shooter games are fun, but it they can get boring. Mix it up with some great military and shooter-themed games for your phone.

1. Sniper Games

Sniper games are some of the most popular niches among army shooting games because they take serious skill to master. But because you don’t have tons of other players annoying you in the game (like in other military games), you can relax and enjoy it in your own time.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter 

It’s a gorgeous first-person shooter game with stunning locations and realistic weapons - what’s not to like? If that’s not enough, you can also collect and customize your sniper weapons, even when you’re playing offline. There’s a reason this game ranks in the top ten for four different categories!

Sniper Shooter Free 

The graphics in this game are less realistic and more cartoonish than Sniper 3D, which actually can add to the fun! Sometimes, a simple sniper game with straightforward controls is the best way to unwind.

Sniper Arena 

If you’re ready to prove to the world that you’re the best sniper online, then here’s your opportunity. Take on hundreds of thousands of players from around the world to see if you’re really a master marksman.

2. Army Troops & Commando Games

There’s a certain classic appeal to these games: Join a counter terrorist unit and team up with your brothers to take down the enemy! There’s nothing quite like the sense of comradery and fulfillment that you get from army-themed military games.

Brothers in Arms® 3

Build a unit of brave brothers-in-arms to fight against your enemies on real World War 2 battlegrounds. You have to really know your team in order to use their strengths to win the war!

Frontline Commando 

Are you ready to go full commando? Play as the sole surviving counter-terrorist commando in a fight against a ruthless dictator and all his forces, to see if you can really take down the enemy with nothing but your own skills as a one-man army.

Call of Duty Heroes®  

Everyone knows Call of Duty. But have you ever played CoD like this before? You can build a team out of your favorite CoD icons and heroes from games like Modern Warfare, WWII, Black Ops and more. Then attack your enemies and see if your team stands up!

3. Zombie Combat

If you’re really looking for something different, here’s the genre for you: Zombies. Kill the undead and help save humanity in these thrilling zompocalypse-themed mobile games!

Zombie Frontier 3 

Zombie Frontier combines your love for FPS sniper games with your hatred of zombies. The realistic 3D post-apocalyptic world is so immersive that you’ll really feel your adrenaline pumping as you take down the zombie hordes and save humanity!


There’s a reason that this game has won tons of awards and great reviews. You can play by yourself as a solo first-person shooter, or challenge other players from all over the world in the exciting player-vs-player mode.

Have you decided whether you want to play as a counter-terrorism commando or a zombie-fighting sniper? It’s a tough decision with so many incredible options. If you need some more help deciding, make sure you check out the Best 10 Military Games from AppGrooves.

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