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Best Merge Games with the Least In-App Purchases

Some may compare them to match 3 apps but merge games are an altogether different affair. Ready to explore them? We have picked the best for you!

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Best Merge Games with the Least In-App Purchases

The assumption that there's nothing new under the sun - especially in the world of gaming - is a false one. While some games may rely on previous achievements, new genres do appear, bringing a breath of fresh air in the process. Merge games are the perfect example - one that seems to be growing in popularity at a fantastic pace.

The basic premise is rather simple but the level of imagination and diversity that can be introduced into the mix makes them potentially infinitely interesting. From basic domino and number ones to fantasy and city-building games - we couldn't have asked for more. Hours upon hours have been spent testing these brilliant apps. We must admit that we've had a bit of trouble selecting only 3 as our favorites.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Apps We Selected
  2. Our Pick Dragonscapes Adventure Dragonscapes Adventure Runner Up Merge Dragons! Merge Dragons! Also Groovy EverMerge: Merge 3 Puzzle EverMerge: Merge 3 Puzzle
  3. 2. Everything We Recommend
  4. 3. The 411 from our Appventurer
  5. 4. Other Apps Considered
Our Pick

So many dragons!

  • Farm your way to adventure!
    4.8 Ratings 463K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    Free Fresh In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


Who doesn't love these adorable, magical (fire breathing) creatures? Living alongside them on a tropical island is a dream come true - especially if it comes in the form of such an engaging game.

Why we chose Dragonscapes Adventure?

  • Creative gameplay that will capture your attention and your imagination
  • Beautiful graphics with a distinctly retro feel
  • Great potential for longevity and literally months of play - with mini-games galore
  • The game is free to enjoy, with only small in-app purchases available that are in no way necessary for endless fun

We couldn't possibly be more pleased with this one and will be keeping it as a welcome distraction from the very busy period we're having at work.

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Runner Up

Even more dragons!

  • Merge dragons to solve hard puzzles and heal the land!
    4.5 Ratings 2M+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    Free In App Purchases 1M+ Reviews
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


Ok, seriously, we had to include this one too. An immersive story, fun gameplay, and some pretty zany ideas are what this awesome game stands for.

Why we chose Merge Dragons?

  • Dragons. Seriously. Dragons are awesome.
  • Extremely addictive gameplay that will keep you glued to your portable device until the early hours of the morning
  • Less emphasis on the story and more on the actual play which is what many users will enjoy
  • Total freedom from ads, even in the free version

The only reason you might want to skip this one is if you have a very strong aversion towards dragons. But, in reality, everyone loves these beautiful flying lizards. Right?

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Also Groovy

Ever entertaining

  • Match and merge anything with everything to create your very own magical world!
    4.6 Ratings 530K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    Free Fresh In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


Few if any games belong purely to one genre. Overlaps, mixtures, and merging (pun intended) do occur - to create new and immersive ways to enjoy your afternoon off.

Why we chose EverMerge?

  • An interesting combo of merge and world-building simulation
  • Sandbox-style play which promises a lot of fun
  • A story tied to old-world fairytales and stories our parents and grandparents grew up with
  • Weekly special events that are sure to spice things up

A fine balance between challenging and entertaining makes this game the one to explore and enjoy. As soon as the lengthy tutorial is over - you will have a lot of freedom to build your own magical world.

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Everything We Recommend

  • Our Pick
    Go on a tropical adventure to mysterious new islands and discover dragons!

    Join your best friend Mia and her crew on their tropical adventure to a remote island! While there, you'll discover and collect new dragons and help build them a home on your island. How many will you find? Let's find out!

    Dragonscapes Adventure is a casual energy exploring game where you find and merge dragons to discover new ones. Build a home for yourself on a tropical island and craft various products to fulfill different orders, while joining Mia on her adventures to new islands.

    App Notes:

    • This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.

    • Dragonscapes Adventure is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $99.99 per item
    $0.99 - $19.99 per item
  • Runner Up
    Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.

    In a mystical world hidden among the clouds, the vale of Dragonia flourished. Then evil Zomblins cast a void across the vale. The only hope to heal the land rests in YOUR magical power to MATCH ANYTHING - dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures.

    Match eggs to hatch helpful dragons, then evolve them to discover more powerful dragons! Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels: match the Gaia statues to win, then bring rewards back to your Camp to collect and grow.

    Match even more with daily quests and rewards with Kala. Take part in brand new themes every two weeks with a cool puzzle for you to complete - can you match and collect the brand new dragons, too?


    == Match Objects 🍏 ==
    • Discover over 500 fantastic objects to match and interact with through 81 challenges!
    • Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 3 of a kind evolve them into more superior items!
    • Match Life Essence and tap it to unleash power to heal the vale!
    • Discover the Gaia statues stuck in each level’s cursed land. Match them to solve the puzzle and create life!

    == Collect New Dragon Breeds 🐣 ==
    • Discover 37 brand new dragon breeds who live in the vale, and evolve them through 8 growth stages for new dragons!
    • Match eggs to hatch helpful dragons who will roam the vale and harvest objects for you to use or match.

    == Tricky Puzzles 🧩 ==
    • Almost 900 quests to challenge your mind!
    • Test your puzzle solving skills in more than 180 levels filled with new quests and rewards to help you build your dragon camp!
    • Match nearly anything - plants, buildings, coins, treasures, fallen stars, magic objects, mythical creatures, and more! How many combinations can you make from 1600+ objects that come before you?
    • Discover hidden levels - can you find them all?

    == Camp Building 🏠 ==
    • The evil fog has taken ahold of the main camp, fight off the fog and heal the land to restore and take back the dragons’ home!
    • Collect dragons eggs, hatch them in the main camp, and earn dragon power to fight off the evil fog.

    == Be Social 👭 ==
    • Add your friends and gain inspiration from them by visiting their camps and learning their strategies. Gift items and rewards - sharing is caring!
    • Unlock the Dens feature to join a Den, and play alongside like-minded defenders of Dragonia! Socialize, chat, share tips and tricks, and help out fellow members of your Den - band together to heal the land!

    Download now and discover where Merge Dragons! will take you!

    Follow us on our social media accounts for latest updates:

    Optimized for Tablets. May be played without an Internet connection.

    Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at
    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $99.99 per item
    $3.99 - $99.99 per item
  • Also Groovy
    EverMerge is a magical world that gets bigger and better with each discovery. Come play this part merge, part world-building puzzle game, as seen on TV!

    EverMerge’s sandbox-style play offers endless possibilities and combinations! Find new mergeable items - and meet classic characters and creatures - as you complete puzzle quests and reveal new lands.

    Lift the cursed fog over the lands of EverMerge by matching and combining clusters of identical pieces. Each merge will reveal new discoveries as your land expands around you.

    You’ll need a little bit of strategy to progress through this delightfully fun merging game.

    Key Features:

    IT’S YOUR WORLD, YOUR STRATEGY! Drag, merge, match and organize puzzle pieces the way you want on the wide-open game board.
    BECOME THE MERGE MASTER! New items are always appearing, waiting to be matched, merged, combined and built.
    BUILD YOUR COLLECTION! Match and merge to build castles, and unlock and collect both classic characters and fantastical creatures.
    MINE FOR MORE! Running low on resources? Mine for stone, wood, and more!
    MAGICAL TREASURES ARE WAITING! Collect gems, valuable coins, mystical wands and enchanting chests to help expand your own extraordinary world!
    MORE TO DISCOVER! Take part in daily matching quests to collect coins and gems or complete delicious puzzle recipes for the characters in order to get rewards.
    PLAY SPECIAL EVENTS! Complete unique match puzzles to earn specially themed treats and surprises.

    Match hundreds of items, build larger buildings, and make the biggest combinations you can imagine!

    You’ll earn treasure chests, mine materials, and harvest new resources as you progress through this fantastical adventure.

    There is always something unexpected bursting onto your game board. Bring order to the chaos and match puzzle pieces to make your game world look exactly as you want.

    Need help? We’re only a click away!

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    In-App Purchases
    $0.99 - $199.99 per item
    $1.99 - $19.99 per item
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The 411 from our Appventurer

Comments 5
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  • Just one thing that I would add to this conversation is each game's method of saving your progress because ofvwhat is currently happening with me at the time of this writing. I have been playing Merge Dragons for years and have a score of over 345 million. Merge Dragons uses Facebook to keep your progress in the cloud and that is where I ran into a problem. Something happened that the tech support at Merge Dragons cannot figure out or correct and now I can only save to my device. If something happens, all of my progress will be gone because of the Facebook storage issue. I say all of this to say that after I got tired of tech support telling me to do the same useless things over and over, I decided to look to another game and started playing EverMerge. All you do is sign up with your email and password without having to deal with Facebook or Google, for that matter.

    • Thank you so much! I just had the same problem with another game (Merge County). Lost everything because of issues with Facebook. Even though I had all my account numbers and info, Microfun would not (or could not) help me. I wanted to find a replacement and it's good to hear that EverMerge is better on this score.

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Best Merge Games with the Least In-App Purchases




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