Explore the world of fantasy role-playing games, also known as fantasy RPG! Take on the role of a knight and save your kingdom from vicious beasts or learn to wield your special powers and go head-to-head against ruthless enemies. With a new adventure around every corner, you’ll have a blast exploring new and fascinating worlds.

1. Old-School RPG

Get ready to cast spells and battle opponents in these super fun role-playing games that give a nod to the old-school style of the basic fantasy RPG. 


Dive into fast-paced combat that puts your RPG skills to the ultimate test! Defeat zombies, explore dungeons, discover treasure, and more - but only if you can survive long enough to do it.

Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Choose to be a warrior or a rogue for unique adventures that will have you instantly hooked. Design your character, improve your skills, and select the perfect weapon to defeat the monsters that await you.


Do you have what it takes to be the chosen one? Embark on immersive quests that put your skills in the spotlight. Collect gear and upgrade armor until you are undefeatable!

2. Epic Adventure Stories

Lose yourself in the adventure with these best fantasy RPG stories! Discover tons of new and innovative open worlds that will have you on the edge of your seat. 


Play more than 60 chapters of story as you gain achievements, get to know tons of fun, unique characters, and confront challenging moral dilemmas. The game writing is detailed and captivating - perfect for a totally immersive game experience.

Medieval Fantasy RPG

Experience an alluring world of fantastical mystery where you control the outcome. Delve deep into a thrilling world of conspiracies and rogues where nothing is quite as it seems. Do you have the skills to survive?


You are a Lightbearer, the only person who can save the world! Craft objects, explore fascinating realms and protect the future of a dying planet in this game that pairs traditional role-playing game styles with a story you will want to play through to the very end.

Order and Chaos 2

Have fun exploring new worlds filled with unique creatures! Join with friends and become a fearsome team of warriors as you stand together and challenge countless villains throughout the realm.


Protect the beloved world of Oz from the evil magic that seeks to destroy it! Grow your powers, summon new abilities, and explore the darker side of Oz you’ve never seen before. Play alongside a familiar group of heroes and prove you have what it takes to be a power for Good.

3. Anime Fantasy 

Explore bright, colorful worlds where magic and mayhem collide! Meet tons of handsome, cute, and quirky characters, and try to decide who is a friend and who is a foe. With tons of treasure to find and monsters to battle, you won’t want to be doing anything else. 

Monster Super League

Kick butt with challenging combat that requires both skill and strategy! Catch and raise monsters to battle alongside you, craft an airship, and explore the realm with help from your real-life friends around the world. Sharp, captivating graphics make the game hard to put down. 

Final Chronicle

Select the hero you want to play and master their skills. Solve intricate puzzles, battle against enemy guilds throughout the kingdom, and take part in a variety of different game modes that will keep you on your toes! 

Heroes of Skyrealm

With this action-packed anime fantasy RPG, join a group of legendary heroes and help defeat loads of notorious bosses! Increase your skill levels, customize your appearance, and create the perfect team as you fight your way to victory.

4. Battling Heroes 

Take on monsters of all shapes and sizes as you fight to protect your kingdom from ruin! From classic monsters like orcs and trolls to new, fiercer enemies like elves and mages, take on every threat and ensure your castle remains standing at the end. 

Guild of Heroes

Take magic by the reins and prepare for battle as you complete quests and defeat enemies all over the realm. Discover allies as you fight and build loads of unique weapons that you can perfectly customize to fit your ideal fighting style.

Heroes and Castles 2

Get crafty in this final fantasy RPG. Build your very own castle from the ground up and take control of new lands as you grow your kingdom. Protect your holdings from attacking enemies, forge weapons and armor, and become the most powerful person in all the land!

Anyone can become a hero with these fantasy role-playing games that put you right into the action! Want even more fantasy RPG options? Check out our list for the Best 10 Medieval Fantasy Role Playing Games.

Explore endless worlds, fight powerful bosses & discover a world of deadly conspiracy in the best medieval fantasy RPGs. Form your party & fight those dragons.

Medieval Fantasy RPG

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Best 10 Medieval Fantasy Role Playing Games