Fewer things are worse than receiving your results on MCAT score release day and knowing you could have done better. Download these Flashcard apps, play with MCAT practice questions, and keep up with the top students before your test date arrives.

Varsity Tutors

If you're looking for MCAT practice questions that closely resemble those from the dreaded upcoming exam, Varsity Tutors is here to assist. Here you'll find thousands of questions covering all major subjects and standardized tests such as your SATs and GRE. The app points out your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting where you need improvement. You'll receive an MCAT question of the day or "daily questions" as a reminder to focus on studying. You can even make your own flashcards and practice on the go. Prefer group studying? Add a friend to your MCAT study schedule and get better together. Best of all, the app is completely free; no more splurging on expensive textbooks and courses.

The only downside to Varsity Tutors is that there is so much material to choose from,  you may not have time to study it all. However, as the app helps you target what you need to learn the most, you can use it regularly knowing you're covering the topics you need before your MCAT test dates.

Ready4 MCAT 

If you're hoping to get into a top US school but are unsure whether you're up to par, Ready4 MCAT aims to take you there. With over 1000 flashcards and 70+ lessons provided by the Princeton Review and verified by top med students, you'll have all the AAMC-tested topics on the MCAT you need at your fingertips. Similar to Varsity Tutors, Ready4 MCAT tracks your progress and points out where you need help the most. From there, you can adjust any of 1600+ MCAT practice questions to your liking. You can even compare your MCAT scores to standards set by the top schools in the US.

Unlike Varsity Tutors, Ready4 MCAT is not free, but still much cheaper than paying $2000 on courses and $200+ on textbooks. Plus, having your scores at the top of the MCAT percentiles is simply priceless.

There is an increasing number of brain-boosting apps available to compliment your MCAT study schedule and help reach your goals. Check out the Best 10 Apps for MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) Prep. 

MCAT prep for the busy student. Utilize a variety of app tools such as flashcards, study schedules, practice tests, and more to prepare for your MCAT dates.


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