Loans are a part of life, whether they're for a car, a home, or just a personal loan. But with so many different ways of paying and different interest rates, it can be hard to know exactly how much your loan will cost, and whether it will fit in your budget. But with these simple loan calculators, you’ll be able to easily calculate your monthly payments, your total interest, and more without breaking the bank!

Simple Loan Calculator (android) & Loan Calculator - Mortgage Car (ios)

Simple and easy-to-use, Simple Loan Calculator is a great option for Android users. Just enter the amount of the loan, the interest rate, and the term of the loan, and it’ll break it down into monthly payments and total interest to be paid. You can also look at a month-by-month schedule so you can know exactly how much of your payment is applied to the principal and interest. It even has a handy chart so you can visualize all the numbers. Whether you’re paying an annuity, differentiated loan, or fixed loan payments, Simple Loan Calculator will tell you just how much you’re paying. If you use an iPhone, Loan Calculator - Mortgage Car is the simple option for you! With big, easy-to-read fonts and lots of colors, it’s simple and intuitive to use. It has all the features of Simple Loan Calculator, plus early payoff calculations and an easy export to HTML and CVS if you want to see the amortization on your computer.

The thing about Simple Loan Calculator is that it is simple. It doesn’t have a lot of extra features. It does not let you export to CVS function for the payment schedule and you cannot change the payment period (say from every month to every week). But it does simple calculations extremely well, making it the perfect companion when buying a new car or visiting the bank. Meanwhile, Loan Calculator - Mortgage Car does have ads when you’re entering in all the numbers. But with so many extra features, it’s an even more complete package when you’re deciding whether to get a new loan.

Loan Calculator (android) & Loan Calculator — What If? (ios)

If you’re looking for something a little more robust on Android, Loan Calculator is a great option! Not only can you do everything you’d expect in an auto loan calculator, you have a bunch of additional and helpful features. You can calculate your payment based on your loan amount, or you can do the reverse, calculating the amount of the loan based on the amount of the payment you can afford. It can even account for early payments and can track any loan you actually get, so you can know exactly what you’re paying over the length of the loan. Loan Calculator - What If? is great for iPhone users, especially if you’re curious about “what if?” scenarios over the course of your loans. Once you enter in your data on your loans, it acts as a car loan calculator, showing you the interest and amortization schedule, as expected. But you can also enter unique “what ifs,” like if you paid more or less for a period of time, so you can see how your monthly payments and total payments will change.

At this time, Loan Calculator does not have an option for down payments, but that’s likely to change. The developer is actively involved with the users and is sure to make an update soon. In every other way, Loan Calculator works exactly as you want it to. Loan Calculator - What If? works well, but some may find the “what if” interface a little confusing, so be ready to spend a little time getting the hang of it. Most people don’t have any problems, and once you figure it out, it’ll be a great help as you figure out your potential payments.

Having a good loan payment calculator is essential to getting the right loan for you. You’ll know exactly how much money you can afford and how you’ll pay it off. Become a loan pro with these apps plus all the great apps in our Best 10 Loan Calculator Apps!

Find handy loan calculator tools to help you save, budget, invest and borrow money. Calculate payments, interest and the cost of credit.

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