Loans have a lot of complicated numbers and terms, but the most important is the interest rate. The amount of money coming out of your pocket is ultimately determined by the interest rate, so it's important to understand your rate and see exactly how much you’ll be paying. Luckily, you can make the calculations simple with these great loan calculator apps!

Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators is just what it sounds like. It has everything you need in one place: auto loan calculator, loan payment calculator, mortgage calculator, compound interest calculator, and more! No matter what kind of loan you’re dealing with, Financial Calculators has an option for you, and best of all, it’s totally free of charge, with no hidden fees or in-app purchases! So whether you’re managing a car payment, your credit cards, some personal loans, or anything else financial, Financial Calculators can help!

To support the free app, you will have to watch a short ad when you open the app. But as far as ads go, it’s not very intrusive, and with so many features, you’ll probably never need another financial app!

Loan Calculator IQ (android) & Loan Calculator‰ (ios)

If you’re an Android user and looking for something a little simpler, Loan Calculator IQ is a great choice. It may not have all the features of Financial Calculators, but that’s its strength. You can quickly enter in the monthly payment, the interest rate, the loan amount, or the loan term and get helpful visual graphs of all the relevant information, as well as the ability to calculate any category from the other three. For an easy car loan calculator, Loan Calculator IQ has just what you need and nothing more. For iPhone users, your simple calculator is Loan Calculator‰. Just enter the amount, the term, and the interest rate, and the app gives you your monthly payments, monthly interest, total interest, and total payments in a snap. As easy as pie, Loan Calculator‰ is the simple solution to your loan calculator needs.

Since Loan Calculator IQ is more simple, you need to make sure its calculations apply to your situation. For example, it does not calculate compound interest rates, so if you’re looking at an APR, the calculation will be off. But as long as you’re just using it for simple ballpark calculations or you know for sure that your interest rate won’t be compounded, Loan Calculator IQ works great. Meanwhile, Loan Calculator‰ is also very simple. So simple, in fact, that it does not provide an amortization schedule; a feature a lot of apps like these have. But as long as you’re okay with not having that, Loan Calculator‰ is the perfect companion the next time you’re deciding whether to get a loan.

Whether you want all the information about your loan or just the most important details, there’s a loan calculator app for you! For more ways to see your projected loan payments, take a look at our Best 10 Loan Calculator Apps!

Find handy loan calculator tools to help you save, budget, invest and borrow money. Calculate payments, interest and the cost of credit.

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