The sports world never stops moving. Whether it is a record-breaking play, an exciting neck-to-neck game or a player who got injured, there is always something going on. Won’t be able to catch the news on CBS Sports Live or Fox Sports Live? No problem! We selected the best apps for the most up-to-date sports news with detailed information on your favorite teams and players. Stay in the know with live sports streaming updates at your fingertips!


Keep up with the latest news and updates on a variety of sports with theScore. Choose from 11 different sports for live scores, breaking news, and detailed statistics. Did you miss the match of your favorite team? Watch videos of key moments in and out of the field! Keep track of your favorite sports and teams with a customized news feed. Want to find out the news as soon as it happens? Get personalized alerts for match scores, key plays and even player injuries for your favorite teams!

theScore is free to use, so you will see ads. However, you won’t notice them, since you’ll be busy with all the available information and statistics right at your fingertips. It’s hard to believe you can get comprehensive and accurate live-news instantly delivered to your phone at no extra cost!


Want to watch the latest sports coverage on your phone? Forget Fox News Live streaming and CNN Live streaming. Get the best sports coverage from the experts with WatchESPN right at your fingertips. Watch live sports and on-demand clips from the latest news and shows 24/7. WatchESPN is compatible with all your devices, so sit back, and enjoy watching videos on your preferred screen size. Want to learn more about your favorite team? Detailed information and statistics are available for players and matches for a variety of sports!

Access to live-streaming depends on your cable provider. Don’t worry. Most providers offer this service, including the US and overseas! You might need to wait a moment for video channels to load. It is only a couple of seconds, and once your video starts, expect excellent picture quality and smooth playback without interruptions! 

MLB At Bat

If you are a baseball fan, then MLB At Bat is a great choice for you. It is the official app of Major League Baseball, so expect extensive coverage and up-to-date information for all things baseball. Want to keep up with the latest games? Check out a handy Scoreboard that shows the current standings for all the teams. Track hits live and watch videos of in-game highlights too! A comprehensive database with live-statistics and historical information for every player and team is available at your fingertips. Want to re-live an epic baseball moment? Search the video library archive and watch some of the legendary games!

MLB At Bat is available for free, which is impressive given all the features. However, if you are a die-hard baseball fan, then you might want access to high quality 60fps video streaming and the option to watch every out-of-market game. You will need a subscription for premium features, but it won’t break the bank and you’ll be thrilled out of your mind. Check with your cable provider first since many include it for free!

Never fall behind on the latest sports news. Keep track of the latest plays, match outcomes and live-statistics with these handy apps. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, make sure you check out our Best 10 Apps for Streaming Live Sports!

Keep up with your favorite sports teams anytime, anywhere! Watch live games, get instant play-by-plays and receive real-time updates in the palm of your hand!

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