You no longer have to worry about traveling and not knowing the local language. Need to get back to your hotel or want to find something to eat? You can translate everything from directions to menu items, so you can easily find your way and feel comfortable with foreign languages. Communicate with whomever you want, regardless of language barriers. These translation apps are also great for those who want to learn a new language and even students who need some help. Get the proper pronunciations and definitions right on your phone! Forget looking things up in a dictionary, now you can get great translations right on your device, so you can go back to studying quickly! 

Language Translator (android) & iTranslate Voice (ios)

With Language Translator, you can choose from over 90 different languages to translate! Choose from options like Spanish to French translation or English translation to German translation to help you when you're abroad. Copy and save the translated text to share with friends and family or show to someone you are trying to communicate with. iTranslate Voice is perfect for those who love to travel because it comes with a phrasebook you can look at whenever you need to find a word. Save your transcript or export it to access your translated sentences later. Both of these translator apps have a very helpful voice translator to help you get through any conversation with anyone who speaks a different language. 

Some users have found that when using Language Translator, the app doesn’t work offline. Though this may be a bit of an inconvenience, you won’t have to worry about it if you translate some phrases and sentences ahead of time. This way, you can save or export anything you think you might need for the day so you can access it whenever you want - even if you’re offline! 

SayHi Translate

Choose from tons of languages like Japanese, Spanish, and Dutch to translate. Cannot understand your translation because it’s too fast? You can slow down and speed up your voice translator and even change the voice to male or female to customize it further. For anyone who is traveling to a country where you don’t know the language, SayHi Translate is the perfect tool to take with you instead of a dictionary or phrasebook. This app can even help you if you work with people from around the world. Use it to help you understand your co-workers and translate your conversations. You can easily check your phone and use it to help you communicate with anyone, anywhere! 

SayHi Translate is a great tool for anyone who travels, works with people who speak a foreign language, and more! However, some users have found that while using the app and using the voice translation feature in a conversation, the app can pick up other surrounding noise if you are in a loud environment. This is not a major issue because the app can only pick up clear voices, so as long as you and the other person speak carefully into the mic, you shouldn’t run into any issues with extra sound and noise. 

Translate (android) & Speak & Translate - Translator (ios)

Need help with pronunciation? You can now learn how to properly pronounce words in any language you want. Translate for Android is perfect for students who need to learn how to not only speak with an original accent but learn the meaning of tons of words in the language their studying. With Speak & Translate, you can get text translations for 117 languages. This app can also detect what the local language is in the country you’re in based on your location. Want even more features with the app? You can become a premium member and benefit from extras like offline mode, so even when you’re away from the internet you can get translations. Both apps have a voice translator so that you can immediately translate the conversation you're having! 

While using Speak & Translate, some users have found that the interface is a bit confusing to use at first. Though it may take a bit of time to get used to, this app is very helpful for anyone traveling to a country where they don’t speak the language, or anyone studying a foreign language. With a little bit of time to get to understand the app’s layout, you should be able to comfortably use the app without any confusion. 

Learn a foreign language and translate any conversation you have with these voice translators! If you liked these translation apps and want more, check out our Best 10 Language Translation Apps! 

Turn your smartphone into a personal translator. Compare the most reliable apps before traveling to learn new phrases and prevent getting lost in translation.

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