With these apps, translating text is as simple as taking a photo. You won't have to tediously type in the text from your book word-for-word, simply take a picture and let these translator apps do the rest. Translate words of your choice into any language in the world with the touch of a button! Whether you are looking for a German translation, French translation, Spanish translation, or even a Latin translation, these apps can figure it out!

Microsoft Translator

Translate anything your heart desires into over sixty languages with Microsoft Translator. All of the cool features offered by this app will ensure that your language learning escapades never get off track. If you need a quick translation, simply speak into the device and receive an accurate translation. Take a photo of any text and allow the app to translate it for you. Need help pronouncing something? The app offers pronunciation guides to help you out.

Although this app has a ton of great features, it does not offer an auto detect for languages. You will have to manually tell the app which language you are trying to translate. This makes the translation process take a tiny bit longer. However, this takes only a few seconds and in the grand scheme of things is no big deal at all!

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the number one language translation apps and for good reason! This app offers translations for a whopping 103 languages, with 59 of them being available in offline mode. So, if you are on vacation somewhere and the locals only speak Spanish, and there is no internet, you don't have to worry! You can even use communication mode offline; this way, you can communicate just like one of the locals!

This app has very few downsides considering all that it offers. However, it can sometimes be finicky when you are trying to paste text into the translation boxes. This can be a tiny bit bothersome, but you only need to tap it a couple times before the paste option pops up. Problem solved!

These translation apps are bound to help you out with learning and communication alike. If you are looking for even more great apps, check out our Best 10 Language Translation Apps!

Turn your smartphone into a personal translator. Compare the most reliable apps before traveling to learn new phrases and prevent getting lost in translation.

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