What kid doesn’t want to run, jump, play, and do tricks? With the top three best kids racing game apps, your kids can be entertained with fun and for hours! Don't miss out on all of the cool stunts and tricks available for hours of entertainment. Here are three of the best kids car games you can download now. 

Fun Kid Racing (android) & Happy Racing (ios)

Two of the best kid’s racing games are Fun Kid Racing and Happy Racing. These games are geared towards 2-10 year-olds but can be fun for anyone. Simply pick your ride and cruise on through the finish line! There are a ton of cars to choose from in both games, and the colorful stages keep getting better. Happy Racing, in particular, has really fun graphics and crazy stages. If your kids are a bit younger, Fun Kid Racing may be better. 

Keep in mind that both of these kids racing games are designed to be free to play and aimed towards young children. There is a simplicity about these games that may cause you to lose interest if looking for something challenging. Gameplay will not be riveting for adults and teenagers. 

Ninja Kid Run Free 

Skip the car and take off on foot in Ninja Kid Run Free. Dive, jump, swipe, duck, and shoot your way to the next level in this exciting and fasted-paced game. Collect coins along the way, as you do crazy tricks, to beat your friend's scores. Kids will absolutely love this crazy, whacky racing game.

If you play the free version of Ninja Kid Run, you will not get access to the extra characters and special features. Each character and upgrade will cost you separately. But the crazy, fun characters are loads of fun and they will entertain you for hours. 

Whether your kids prefer running on their feet or burning rubber, there is a racing game out there that your children will love. Give them hours of entertainment without spending a penny. And if these great games are not enough, check out our Best 10 Racing Games for Kids. 

Let your kids steer for once in these fun kid’s racing games. The car games are easy to learn & will assure plenty of fun for kids of any age.

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