Everyone loves a good racing game, especially kids. But finding good kids racing games free of expensive add-ons with loads of track options can be tricky. Whether you or your kids like cars or not, you'll all have a fun time racing with these games!

Fun Kid Racing

Having fun when you're racing can be hard when there's challenging levels or difficult controls, so Fun Kid Racing keeps things simple and fun. With intuitive one-finger or tilt controls, you'll have a blast sending your car speeding down the various tracks. It even has a car creation mode, so you can customize your own car just the way you like it. 

Fun Kid Racing is fun, but it's also very simple. This makes it great for very young children, but it may be too easy for a lot of players. But if you want something fun and easy that won't be a challenge, Fun Kid Racing is a blast!

Racing Penguin 

If car games aren't your thing, check out Racing Penguin! It's a super fun and addictive slide-and-fly game where you slide a plucky penguin down the mountains of Antarctica. With great physics and lot of cool tracks to explore, you'll have a blast collecting coins and trying to outrun a hungry polar bear! 

While Racing Penguin is great and addictive in single-player mode, it does have a multiplayer mode, which some players have had problems with. Matches take a long time to connect and sometimes the app gives weird results, like saying a player lost a race that they hadn't participated in. But as long as you stick to single player, you'll be sure to have a great time!

Kids Car Racers

Great racing games for kids can be hard to find, but for young ones, there's nothing better than Kids Car Racers. With easy-to-use tilt controls, it's simple to control your car as you race down all the great tracks. Best of all, there's no way to run your car off the track and the race never ends! So it's fun and easy for little kids to race for as long as they want. 

This is truly a game for very young children, so only get it if you're ready to go around the same track endlessly with not a lot of effort. But that's why it's so great for little kids!

There's nothing more fun than zooming around a track, and with these great kids racing games, even your youngest can get in on the action! If you're looking for more, check out our Best 10 Racing Games For Kids!

Let your kids steer for once in these fun kid’s racing games. The car games are easy to learn & will assure plenty of fun for kids of any age.

Kid's Racing Games

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