Kids have a blast playing racing games. Whether they are playing car games around the house or testing their skills on a home-made Hot Wheels track, they are entertained for hours on end! We have selected the best kids racing games free to play on mobile devices! Your kids will love taking care of and upgrading their car. After winning some races, they will be thrilled with the new cars they earn. Your kids will have unlimited fun in the safety of your own home and at no extra cost to your wallet!

Bike Race 

Does your kid prefer a 2-wheeler? Bike Race is a great choice with a huge selection of awesome bikes! They can choose their favorite and try out cool tricks on exciting tracks. Hundreds of imaginative worlds and fun tracks are available for free and a thrill to play! The tracks are filled with loops and curves that will keep kids entertained and laughing as they race the track. The controls are super intuitive, which is great for kids to just pick up and play. Going on a long road trip or plane ride? Take Bike Race with you! No internet connection is needed to play, so kids can take the fun wherever they go!

Do your kids want to create their own track? They won’t be able to do it on their phone, but they can by using the app from a computer. This a great chance to share some laughs with them and help them create an awesome track. Your kids can also share their original tracks with their friends and race on levels they have created!

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is perfect for kids that love car racing games. Your kids can choose from over 25 of Hot Wheel’s original cars and race on more than 50 tracks for free! The graphics are amazing, with insane physics-bending tracks that are exciting to play. Kids will love all the stunts they can do, from blasting off boosters to racing through loops and jumps! With every race they complete, they rack up currency to upgrade their cars too. It is a fun game that is easily addicting, with the next best car reward just a few races away!

The currency your kids earn in each race is car-specific. So, they will have to race with their preferred cars to upgrade them faster! Unlike Bike Race, your kids won’t be able to create their own tracks. Why not download Bike Race too? Then they can enjoy both 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled fun!

Kids just love car games. Let them be in their element without worrying about a helmet or seat belt. Any of these great racing games are a recipe for unlimited fun right on your kid’s mobile device! For more exciting games like these, check out our Best 10 Racing Games for Kids!

Let your kids steer for once in these fun kid’s racing games. The car games are easy to learn & will assure plenty of fun for kids of any age.

Kid's Racing Games

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