Knowing all the products you have is important for running your business properly. You no longer have to worry about correctly inputting all your information. Keep track of everything you have in stock right on your phone without any complicated software. Increase your profit by keeping all your inventory organized. You can now easily record your information using helpful tools like spreadsheets and barcodes to make your experience even more productive. 

Book Keeper 

Record transactions like sales and purchases inside the app, so you can do your accounting and inventory all in one place. You don’t have  to be an accountant because the interface is simple and even beginners will be able to use it. If you want to share your data or view it on a computer, you can easily synch your Book Keeper app with a PC, Tablet, or desktop computer. Similar to Inventory Lab or Inflow Inventory, you can find out what your inventory turnover ratio is and other helpful tools to keep track of your items. Export all your information that you have recorded into Excel or Tally so you can find out your inventory turnover. Want to work with other coworkers on keeping track of inventory? Book Keeper allows you to collaborate with multiple users so everyone can help in taking inventory. 

Some users have found that the layout of the app can take some getting used to. As long as you take some time to understand where things are located on the app you will be able to efficiently to use the app. 


Sortly has a simple and pleasant interface that allows users to easily keep track of items without too much effort. Export and save all your data so you can do what you want with it. Make logging merchandise or items faster by using the barcode scanner in the app. Take photos of items for specific folders so you can visualize what you have. You can even add customizable arrows or highlight items in your image to make notes and make inventory tweaks whenever you want.  Create different folders for every aspect of your life that you need to take inventory in, like your home or business. Sortly can even help you when you move, create checklists and take inventory of all your items so you know how much you have.

Sortly is the perfect inventory app for anyone, whether you are a small business owner or just want to move homes. Some users feel that the storage is a bit limited unless you pay for the app. If you are someone that only needs a bit of space then this may not affect you. However, if you would like more space it would be worth it to pay for it and also get extra features. 

Taking inventory doesn't have to be tedious anymore! If you like these inventory list exporter apps, check out our Best 10 Apps for Inventory Control! 

Never lose track of your inventory with inventory management software. Get a full overview of crucial information like inventory turnover ratio!

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