Whether you run a small shop, restaurant or other business, or just need to keep better track of your home inventory or collections, these inventory control apps have your back. A quick scan using your phone camera is all you need to track anything you want. A simple search will give you all the information you need, without having to go hunting for the item. With everything stored conveniently in these databases, you'll never have to worry about your items getting misplaced or going missing again!

Inventory & barcode scanner & WIFI scanner (android) & iCollect Everything (ios)

If you've got an Android and a small business, Inventory & barcode scanner & WIFI scanner is a must-have. Scan any item to log it into your inventory. If the item is not already in the app's database, you can enter it in an instant to keep track of everything. All of your data, including your Excel sheets and any of your personal photos or notes, are stored securely in the cloud, so you never lose any of your valuable information. iCollect Everything is especially great for iPhone users that collect everything from limited edition Barbie dolls to sports trading cards. Their online database includes millions of collection entries with detailed information for each item. You can customize everything, including data fields and layouts to view your catalogs, making it a breeze to tailor the app to your specific needs.

Inventory & barcode scanner & WIFI scanner has loads of features that are really useful for keeping track of business inventory, so those using it for small collections or personal use may have a little more trouble navigating through all the tools. Luckily, the app support team is quick to give answers to any questions you may have. And iCollect Everything is wonderful for personal inventory needs, but there is a monthly fee after the trial period is completed. However, with so many features, that trial should be more than enough to convince you that you'll need this app to keep your collections organized properly!

Inventory,Purchase,Sales Order (android) & Items & Storage & Inventory (ios)

For a more analytical and data-driven way to keep track of your inventory, the Inventory,Purchase,Sales Order app might be the one for you. With graphs and calculators, you can keep tabs on important numbers such as your inventory turnover ratio or your sales and accounting reports. A quick scan will log everything in your store, and you can easily make inventory tweaks by editing the data when any change is made. For iPhone users that have a lot of items in storage, Items & Storage & Inventory will save you from forgetting where an item is or accidentally purchasing something you already had stored away. Catalog all of your possessions and add any pertinent data or category tags. You can also mark what items are lent or borrowed, making everything easy to remember years down the line!

Android users love the benefits of Inventory,Purchase,Sales Order for their small business, but a few people have noted difficulties while trying to import their existing inventory spreadsheets into the app. No need to worry, since the app support team is readily available to troubleshoot and ensure your import is the right format and compatible with their technology. Items & Storage & Inventory is perfect for all your stored belongings, but there is no existing database of information, so all data for your items will have to be entered. This makes it easier to customize all the information to reflect what's in your own collection!

Stock and Inventory Simple (android) & Inventory Now (ios)

Great for small business and home inventory alike, Stock and Inventory Simple makes logging your incoming and outgoing items a snap. Scan any barcode to match up with their database or make your own item ID numbers and enter the data yourself. Reports on stock movement, profit and loss, and more are generated with the touch of a button. iPhone users with business storage have to check out Inventory Now, which acts as an inventory tracker and point of sales system. Information for the entire product lifecycle is stored for each item, so you can see the item history at a glance. Plus, sync all of your data across multiple devices, so that all employees have access to the stock information and can make updates in real time!

Stock and Inventory Simple is a quality app, 100% free, but some users have noticed that the barcode scanner sometimes doesn't read well. If the lighting in your storage area isn't good enough for the scanner, you can always enter the ID number by hand or use the flashlight on your device. And while Inventory Now is great for a quick and simple report, it does not support more detailed reports with graphs. But all data can be easily exported into Excel format, so you can generate detailed reports using other methods!

It's time you started managing all of your stored property in a more organized and simplified way. For more apps to help you easily keep track of your stock, just like using Inventory Lab or inFlow Inventory programs, check out our Best 10 Apps for Inventory Control.

Never lose track of your inventory with inventory management software. Get a full overview of crucial information like inventory turnover ratio!

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