The moment someone mentions insurance, it's likely the first thing that comes to mind is loads of paperwork signing and other unpleasant tasks. Although you know you need to, you constantly say to yourself "I'm going to do that tomorrow" and a few weeks later, you still find yourself putting it off. 

Fortunately, almost all big insurance carriers today have an app that turns bill paying, filing information, claims and checking quotes into a super easy task. With just a few taps you can input and update your policyholder info without ever leaving your house.


If you're on the lookout for a great auto insurance or car insurance quotes, Geico has you covered. Not only can you easily manage your insurance, but they also provide instant roadside assistance anytime your car breaks down. Plus, if you're thinking of buying a brand new vehicle, you can quickly replace the old one on your policy. Can't get easier than that.

With tons of great features sometimes you need a bit of patience, that's all. When logging in or retrieving information Geico app can be a bit slow. Nevertheless, waiting for just a couple of seconds to load & top-quality service beats waiting for hours in a line no matter how you look at it.

Liberty Mutual 

Like with everything in life, it's the small things that matter. Every insurance app today provides the basic service, but Liberty Mutual goes the extra mile to make your life even less stressful. Besides enabling you to access your policy information on the go, Liberty Mutual provides tons of features for everyday living like cheap parking search, quick ATM locator, car buying advisor and more.

All the phenomenal features aside, when you first log into the Liberty Mutual, it might seem a bit outdated. Nonetheless, efficiency is far more crucial than aesthetics and Liberty Mutual knows where to put its focus.


An unfortunate car accident is far more than just a damaged vehicle. It's paperwork, reports, claims and most of all, loads of stress. To make an unlucky event less nerve-wracking, Allstate Insurance provides a couple of powerful tools like QuickFoto Claim. By taking a couple of quick damage photos, you can instantly know where you're standing with super fast damage estimates.

With so many possibilities and secured personal info in a single app,  you might feel you're getting one more alert than you actually need. Luckily, you can easily disable notifications and access Allstate Insurance only when needed.

State Farm®

As a policyholder, you want the insurance data to be secure, personal, easily accessible, super quick and intuitive. With State Farm Insurance you can check all five elements right now. Not only does the app give a tailored overview of your policies, claims and transfers, but with the simple widget, you can instantly access your insurance ID card without logging in.

Allowing such quick access might make you think anyone can start sniffing around your personal info. No worries - besides the fingerprint login, State Farm Insurance has question to make password security that is safer than any vault.


We depend on our vehicle for almost everything today - from going to work to an enjoyable local ride. Thus, a car accident or breakdown can be a real handicap to your everyday life. Fortunately, with Progressive auto insurance, you might feel as if the accident never happened. You can quickly file reports, follow claim progress in real-time and request immediate road assistance to ensure you're back and running as fast as possible.

Progressive has all the tools you'll ever need, but often it will send you to the website to complete the important steps. Still, you can instantly finish every update as the app directs you to the exact page you need at the moment.

No matter what you're insuring, you want to have instant access to the information when you need the most. Fast and accurate is the name of the game and all above apps excel at providing the best service possible. If you still feel like they are missing some crucial features, you can easily check our complete Best 10 Apps For Insurance and instantly find the one you need.

Getting car, life or even pet insurance quickly isn’t always easy. With a trusted app you can pick any insurance and secure your coverage easily.


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