Pets come in a variety of shapes and sizes - from tiny hamsters to gigantic dogs. But no matter the size, you want to keep them safe. Just like contacting Farmers Insurance to protect your car,  you can also protect your cherished pet. It's tough when you realize your pet might be sick. Obviously, you can't ask your pet to help out, so how do you know what they need? 

No worries, we can help you and your cat won't waste all 9 lives waiting for you to figure it out! The two apps below will help you get pet insurance as quickly as possible so you and your pet will be prepared.

Healthy Paws 

If you own multiple vehicles, you know how hard it is to get auto insurance. Since we're talking about pet insurance, we're pretty sure you know where this is heading. Unlike classic car insurance carriers such as State Farm Insurance or Geico Insurance, Healthy Paws focuses exclusively on pets and getting insurance for more than one pet is super easy. You can easily create multiple pet profiles, managed directly from the app and process claims with zero "pet peeves".

Healthy Paws works perfectly no matter how many pets you have and the only thing you need is a bit of patience. The processing can take a while depending on the case, but the fact that all you have to do is scan the invoice makes it completely worthwhile. No more time-consuming paperwork! With Healthy Paws, the process is clean and paperless.


The realization that you need insurance can often come too late as many companies expect you to think in advance. Pets, unlike your home and car, can't wait when something happens. Sure decided to cut everyone some slack by providing Last-Minute Insurance Protection. Policies activated on-demand! 

When you enter the app thinking of your lovely pet, you might be surprised to realize Sure doesn't focus only on pet insurance. But, rest assured, Sure gives equally top quality service whether it's for car, travel, life or pet insurance! 

Although cats have great reflexes and dogs can sniff out almost anything, just like us, they can easily injure themselves while going on wild adventures around the house or backyard. So, getting insurance is a smart idea and the super quick process these great apps provide enable you to get your pet insured with ease. If you're looking for even more insurance options, you can easily check out our Best 10 Apps For Insurance.

Getting car, life or even pet insurance quickly isn’t always easy. With a trusted app you can pick any insurance and secure your coverage easily.


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