You don’t have to sacrifice taste to eat healthy! Unfortunately, these days it can be difficult to find the time to make meals that taste good and are made with good ingredients. Sit back, relax, and get ready to make fantastic meals with these easy-to-use healthy recipe apps.

1. Specialty Diets - Vegetarian, Vegan & Plant-Based 

It can be difficult to find good meals when you have dietary restrictions. Find a wide array of healthy food recipes including healthy vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, and more from these super-convenient meal apps.

Explore a whole new world of plant-based meals that will expand your current cooking repertoire and bring joy to the entire family. Create a shopping list for the items you need and get tips and tricks from some of the best leading chefs as you make easy healthy recipes right from home.

You don’t need to be a pro to cook healthy meals that taste great. Kitchen beginners can find step-by-step cooking instructions and meal preparation walkthroughs that break everything down into easy-to-handle parts. Foolproof meal planning has never been easier.

Whether you have a family of picky eaters or you have dietary restrictions, filter your recipe search results so the only things you see are meals that work for you. Find a recipe you love? Save it to your favorites so you can reference it again and again.

2. Instructional Cooking Videos 

So maybe you’re not a hot shot in the kitchen and need a little help - who doesn’t? Find everything you need to successfully make a healthy meal with these helpful instructional apps.

No matter if you’re on a diet or just need a little extra assistance in the cooking department, find all the tips and tricks you could ever need from professional chefs and dietitians. Quickly learn the ins and outs of healthy eating with cooking videos that walk you through it step-by-step.

Can’t find a recipe that sounds good? Easily search tons of unique foods from healthy dinner recipes to yummy desserts. No matter what catches your eye, whether it’s healthy chili recipes or a healthy carrot cake recipe, make immaculate dishes from the ingredients you already have at home.

There’s nothing like a little TLC in the kitchen! Find out how others have been making their favorite meals with detailed images that walk you through every step of the cooking process. Get pointers on easy meals with healthy chicken recipes and healthy quiche recipes that the whole family will love!

3. Recipes & Tools - Lists, Calculators & Planners 

In the kitchen, we are often only as good as our tools. Make your life easier with these do-it-all apps that take the guesswork out of cooking!

Keep all your favorite recipes in one place for a cookbook, shopping list, and meal planner all in one! The Grocery List feature even categorizes your shopping list by aisle so you save time and energy.

Healthy eating also means knowing our bodies. View key health and nutrition information to help you better plan meals that are appropriate for you. See how many calories, carbohydrates, and more are in each recipe so you can plan accordingly.

Time, often one of the most dreaded factors in meal preparation, is on your side again! View tons of healthy recipes you can make in 30 minutes or less. Fall in love with easy, on-the-go meals from healthy smoothie recipes to healthy granola recipes, and start your day right.

While cooking healthy might be a challenge, it’s a lot easier with awesome apps full of easy healthy recipes, instructions, and tips. Need more inspiration? Check out the Top 10 Apps for Healthy Recipes!

Eat heart-healthy and stay fit, with hundreds of easy recipes from breakfast to healthy dinners for the whole family available at your fingertips.

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