We need to eat a correct diet if we want to stay healthy, regardless of age. But, too often it seems, this isn't enough anymore. That's where a fitness plan comes into play. It can be extremely hard to figure out what style of fitness plan goes best with your preferred diet. From the Atkins diet to a more general low-carb diet, each has a specific set of exercises to help you make the most out of your health program. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner and My Diet Diary Calorie Counter both provide a super easy way to perfectly sync your diet with a fitness plan that's just right for you.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Instead of providing just a set of workouts or a simple calorie counter, 8fit finds the sweet spot by giving you the best of both worlds. As you take your fitness journey, the app automatically tailors the best meals to match your workout routine. The simple step-by-step guide adjusts to any meal plan like the paleo diet, keto diet, diabetic diet and more. Best of all, it organizes the entire plan in a way to take the least amount of time while being the most efficient. Snappy 5 to 20 minutes exercises require no additional equipment and focus on what matters the most - body and health improvement.

When you start discovering the meals, some of them might not be your first choice, as there are lots of dietary requirements taken into account. Luckily, 8fit goes one step ahead by creating simple lists of what foods to eat and what to avoid. This way, you can be sure you're on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

My Diet Diary Calorie Counter

Each diet is unique and has a specific list of meals. If you feel like you need to expand your meal list, My Diet Diary provides a comprehensive library of more than 150,000 foods. Let’s assume you’re on a diet that is limiting, like a gluten-free diet. My Diet Diary provides a super quick way to find as many meals as possible you can enjoy. And after you create a personal meal list, you can instantly start tracking your calories with beautifully designed charts that are a pure joy to research. With over 65 exercises to explore and daily health tips, My Diet Diary is another trusty companion for anyone looking to lead a healthy life.

As you have to track your diet, fitness schedule and calories, you might have to spend more time using the app to record all of your important information. Fortunately, My Diet Diary is designed to be intuitive, so your time is well spent. The fruits of your labor become more visible the longer you stick to the plan! The time spent organizing your schedule ensures every action you do provides the best results possible.

Each person has a unique physique, so what works for one person might not work for another. Nevertheless, with the right plan, every person can quickly reach their full potential. If you're not looking for a fitness plan, but a tool that provides something else, check our list of Best 10 Healthy Eating Apps. It's a user-curated list so you're sure to find something you personally need.

Carb Counters, diet coaches, and more, all at the touch of a button! Develop a healthier lifestyle for your dietary needs with the best healthy eating apps.

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