Cooking dinner every night might seem far-fetched if you're not a great cook. Imagine being able to get great, simple dinner ideas for every night of the week and all on your phone! No matter what your preference is, you can find great healthy dinner recipes that your friends and family will love! Find great vegan or vegetarian dinner recipes so there is something for everyone to cook and enjoy! 

Food Network In the Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to cook simple yet great recipes like a pro? You can get amazing, fresh recipes from Food Network in the Kitchen. You will never run out of things to cook with over 70,000 recipes some from celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, and Guy Fieri! Feeling unsure about a recipe? There are tons of options and categories, like healthy recipes for dinner or some that are kid-friendly; there are even desserts! You can refer to a video which will show you in detail how to make that dish you're craving! Whether you are a beginner or just love to cook, you can find some tasty recipes for dinner. 

Food Network in the Kitchen is great for those who want to make a simple and yummy dinner. Some users have found that the search function may not produce results if the item you are searching for is spelled incorrectly. This is a minor drawback, as long as you spell correctly, you will find all the items you want without any issues! 


Have you struggled with eating healthy and making good food? You can get a ton of recipes all designed to keep you well fed and healthy! These easy dinner recipes are simple and efficiently organized into categories like Meal prep, breakfast, and more! There are plenty of options to help you save time on making meals, like a shopping list and meal prep recipes so you can even cook in bulk!

Finding healthy food options that work with your diet can be such a hassle-free experience with FitMenCook. However, some users have found that if they choose a meal plan program, it has a fixed calorie amount of 1500 a day. This amount may not be to your liking, in which case you simply change the recipes by removing or adding items to change the number of calories you consume. 


Why waste time grocery shopping and buying random items you are never going to use? With HelloFresh, you can get fresh ingredients delivered right to your home so you can spend more time enjoying your meal rather than fretting about shopping for all of those ingredients! If you love a recipe, you can save it to use again and again. Even share it with friends and family! Get specific instructions on how to cook the meals that you receive. And all meals have been created by real chefs! If you are not good at estimating ingredients on your own, this is perfect for you! All ingredients come in the exact amount that you need so you can make your meal perfect!

HelloFresh is a great app for those who lead busy lives and need a convenient and simple way to make great meals with limited time. Some users have found that, though the meals are very good, there are not enough options for changing up the ingredients included. This is the reality of ordering pre-set meals. However, if you are creative or would really like to add something to a recipe, you can go ahead and express your creativity. 

All Recipes Free (android) & Healthy Food Meal Planner (ios)

Healthy Food Meal Planner allows you to pick from tons of flavorful meals and the ingredients and recipes get delivered straight to your doorstep! All Recipes Free allows you to add your own recipes to be published on the site, so you can share them with others! Both apps allow you to save your favorite recipes so you can make them again! You can find interesting, yet easy to make recipes on both apps! Find some great meals that the whole family will love and search for specific things like healthy recipes without the stress of cooking for hours! 

Healthy Food Meal Planner and All Recipes Free are great apps for receiving tasty recipes in a simple way. However, some users may find the advertisements a bit distracting. These apps are perfect for a busy lifestyle or those that are not comfortable in the kitchen, so if you overlook the ads, you will reap the rewards of some delicious meals!   

Cooking does not have to be intimidating anymore! Get amazing recipes with easy instructions so you can make great meals without the stress. For more mouthwatering recipes check out our Best 10 Apps for Dinner Recipes! 

Don't stress about dinner! These apps make it simple to feed your family or entertain with healthy recipes from appetizers to quick and easy entrees.

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