Learning math or geometry doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with the right tools, you can learn the concepts and have fun at the same time! We selected the best geometry game apps for an exciting and new way to brush up on your geometry skills. No need for a graphing calculator or geometry calculator. Work your way through simple puzzles and review key concepts like angles, tangents, parallelograms, the Pythagorean Theorem and more. Reach more challenging levels and become the master of geometry! You won’t need to use a graphic calculator ever again!


Looking for a fun way to learn geometry for free? Pythagorea covers all the basic concepts like area, angles, triangles, medians, the Pythagorean Theorem, rhombuses, symmetry and more. New to geometry? No problem! Review more than 25 terms with a handy glossary and quickly familiarize yourself with the concepts. You won’t need to pull out a calculator to solve any of the puzzles. Advance your way through over 300 challenging levels using geometric intuition and natural laws alone!

Levels become more challenging as you advance. Need help solving a puzzle? Pythagorea doesn’t offer hints, but you can easily review concepts that are used in the problem by tapping the ‘Info’ button! Still stuck? You can always move on to other sections and return to the puzzle later. If you're looking for a game with hints, you might prefer Find Angles!

King of Math

King of Math is more than your average geometry game. In fact, you can brush up on other math skills like addition, multiplication, division, fractions, statistics, and equations too! Start by selecting a male or female character and play your way through fun puzzles to become the king of math. Level up your character and earn points and stars as you advance. Unlock medals and achievements for extra motivation! Each level is accompanied by themed music and animations. Aim for the highest score and compete with friends and players all over the world!

King of Math doesn’t have an educational section to learn the concepts. For this option, you might prefer Pythagorea. This a is a great game for testing your math skills on a variety of different topics. You earn more points the faster you complete each level. Want to take your time on each puzzle? No problem! You can always re-do the puzzle later to improve your time and beat your score!  

Find Angles!

Looking for a geometry game that is simple and straightforward? Find Angles! is a great choice with over 300 puzzles on topics like angles, sequences, and areas. Start with basic problems and advance your way to higher levels with more challenging questions. The interface is user-friendly with colorful graphs and a convenient numeric keypad to easily input answers. Need to practice for an upcoming angles test? Easily prepare with countless practice problems and get the Pythagorean Theorem down!

Want to test your skills on advanced geometry problems? You are not able to skip the easy levels to jump straight into the more challenging problems. However, the lower levels are a great way to quickly brush up on your geometry skills and prepare for the final stages! Need help with a question? Get useful hints or ask your friends for help via Twitter straight from the app!

Learning geometry has never been so fun. With the best geometry game apps right on your phone, you can play your way through interesting and challenging geometry math problems. Brush up on those skills and become a geometry expert! For more great options, check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Geometry!

Geometry education and tools in one place. Download geometry worksheets and utilize an online graphing calculator to prepare yourself for college exams or ACTs.


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