How to Turn Your Girlfriend Into a Geek

It’s possible. With the right games and the right approach, you may be able to get your girlfriend to finally play video games with you.

1. Choose Your Words Carefully

When you first try persuading your girlfriend to play video games with you, how you frame your argument is crucial. Instead of guilting her into playing with you as a favor to you or giving her an ultimatum (“If you come over, then you have to play Fortnite with me!”), try communicating how playing video games could be positive for her and for the relationship. It’s a way for you to spend time together and bond over a new activity. If she can see how excited you are to share something you love with her, she’ll start feeling excited about it too!

Plus, you may want to point out that video games are not necessarily a “male” activity. Despite the perception of video games as being mainly for boys, there’s been a shift in the last couple decades towards gender equality in gaming. Now, about 41% of all video gamers are women! Try introducing your girlfriend to some of the popular (even famous) female gamers, so she can see that gaming is for girls, too.

2. Turn Her On to One of These Great Games

Don’t just assume that your girlfriend will want to jump right into a gruesome and violent first-person shooter. But also don’t assume that she’ll only want to play a stereotypically feminine game about cooking or fashion, either! Consider her personality, and try to pick out a game that she might really enjoy and get excited about playing. Here are some great game suggestions!

Maybe she’s adventurous and loves murder mystery TV shows like CSI. In that case, she’ll want to play a great Mystery Adventure game.

Is she a competitive team player, who loves to outwit others with her cleverness? Then maybe she’d like playing popular strategy-based multiplayer games, like Last Empire.

Or if she likes horror movies and writing her own stories, then definitely pick out one of our Best 10 Zombie Role Playing Games.

And if zombie games don’t seem like the kind of thing your girl would be interested in, then it never hurts to throw it back to retro games and play something like the classic Pac-Man.

3. Remind Her That You Care About Her

I know, I know, this sounds corny. But it’s really important to let her know that you love her, no matter how she feels about video games! You don’t need to tell her outright, but instead, demonstrate it with actions. Always be supportive and understanding of her feelings. She might feel intimidated by the entire world of gaming. It can seem pretty daunting to someone who hasn’t played a lot of video games before. Instead of pushing her into the deep end, try getting her to play more casual games that she might not even associate with video game culture; something simple, check out some great card games like Spades!

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And whenever you play a video game with her, make sure to thank her for spending time with you trying something new. Invite her back for a rematch another time, so she knows there’s an open invitation to play with you again. Showing appreciation for her will make her feel positive about the experience, and increases the likelihood that she’ll want to try it again!

If your girlfriend still isn’t interested in playing video games after you’ve tried all of these tactics, then try not to get frustrated. Video games aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Don’t pester her about playing games with you; let her natural interest in video games grow organically, and you’ll both enjoy gaming together even more.

Getting your girlfriend to play video games doesn't have to be a challenge

With all of these great game suggestions, we’re sure you’ll find some way to spend some quality video game playing time together.