No longer will you have to worry about your comics taking up space and gathering dust because with manga reader apps you have access to a whole library of old and new manga anytime and anywhere. There are tons of manga reader apps available online and it can be a little overwhelming to sort through them all. So here are our picks of some of the best free manga reader apps available right now.

Manga Master (android) & WebComics (ios)

If you’re looking for variety then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a manga reader with as diverse a range of genres as Manga Master. It boasts more than 24 000 free manga titles, all of which have been translated into English, Spanish, and French. You’ll be able to find a lot of the major manga titles through this app and Manga Master is one of the few app readers that lets you download and read manga offline without issue.

Quality is important when you want to get into the finer details of manga art and WebComics boasts a library of 1080P HD comics across various genres and artists. Another beloved feature WebComics introduces is push notifications which let you know when your favorite series has been updated.

If you’re looking for a complicated app with loads of settings, Manga Master might not be for you. This is a super simple user interface that makes it easy to access exactly what you’re looking for. No hassles, easier reading! Unlike Manga Master, WebComics doesn’t let you download and read comics offline. So if an app that requires a constant internet connection is a problem for you, then one of the other great apps we suggest might be a better fit. 

Manga Reader (android) & Manga Fox (ios)

Manga Reader offers one of the biggest collections of manga in one place since it sources from major collections like Kiss Manga and Manga Panda. This reader app supports saving your libraries and favorites to the Cloud and unlike a lot of readers out there, will save your progress.

It’s hard sometimes to find new reading material that you know you’ll like but Manga Fox makes this process easier by making reading suggestions based off of what you’ve already read. If you read online, the app also starts downloading the next chapter of a series in the background so you never have to wait for the story to continue.

While Manga Reader also lets you download and read manga offline, past versions of the app had been known to give some issues with this feature. However, reading online is always an option and that is super easy! Manga Fox has some of the latest manga out there, but the app doesn’t currently have a feature that allows readers to see recently added manga or new updates to a series. That can be a pain if you like finding the latest manga to read, but luckily, the search feature does allow you to quickly search for any new updates to your favorite manga series.

There is no shortage of great free manga reader apps out there and the convenient features in these apps make them much more attractive for reading on the go. But if you’re looking for even more options, be sure to check out our Best 10 Apps for Reading Manga. 

Read your favorite manga in a matter of minutes with one of these fantastic manga readers. Choose from mainstream and indie manga, then sit back and enjoy!


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