Constantly on the go? Then you have the ability to follow the airwaves of the world from anywhere! Whether it’s music, news, sports or talk radio that you desire, these amazing free apps are here to keep you up to date. In a similar format to other apps like iHeart Radio, Pandora radio, Sirius XM and Slacker Radio, these are like taking the car radio with you everywhere you go. Whether you are looking for your favorite national or local stations you’ll have immediate access at any time.

Simple Radio 

Now, this app compares closest to iHeart Radio, which offers the easiest view available based upon location. With clear sound and a great selection, Simple Radio is like seeing the local stations that are available in your car. It’s easy to continually update your search by city, music genre and more. Once you find a station you enjoy, it can easily become a favorite, and you can see it from the button that links to the “Favorites” panel.

If you’re looking for a live FM station with loads of features, Simple Radio may not be your first choice. But with the easy-to-use interface, and the JukeBox feature, which allows you to easily scroll through loads of genres, this is still a great pick!

Simple Radio - Free Live FM AM
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Simple Radio - Free Live FM AM

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NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio appears to function like other radio apps such as Pandora and Sirius XM that focus on the music genre by station. Your location can be sensed automatically or you can search for the city you prefer to listen to. From there available stations are listed in categories by genre and you have the option of choosing the ones you would like to have as your favorites.

Unlike Simple Radio, which has basic features, NextRadio is a bit more comprehensive. You can even see the latest tweets, news, album releases, concerts, alerts and more. So, it’s up to you how much time you want to spend getting to know about all of your favorite music artists.

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio
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NextRadio Free Live FM Radio


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There is no need to pay for satellite radio like XM Radio or Sirius XM anymore. Today you can access music anytime, anywhere with just the tap of a finger. If you haven’t found everything you’re looking for here, check out our Best 10 Apps for FM Radio and see what you’re missing!

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