Waiting for your food to arrive can be a difficult experience, especially when you're really hungry. Leave those worries behind with these awesome delivery apps that let you know exactly when your meal is supposed to arrive! Like other food delivery services such as GrubHub, order food online and get it brought directly to you with the bonus of knowing exactly when it is going to reach you. Whether you're chilling at home, finishing a project at work, or exploring an unfamiliar city, get the food you want right when you want it. 

Uber Eats

The food industry and rideshare services collide in this amazing app that brings all of the best local food right to your front door! Spending oodles of time searching "food delivery near me"? Not anymore. Get all of your favorite eats plus tons you don't know about yet brought right to you, no matter where you are. Then keep track of your food so you know every move it makes as it comes your way. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can order and track your favorite dishes - all in the palm of your hand!

Ordering late at night? It's possible you might experience some delays due to a lack of available drivers in your area. Some users have reported minor delivery delays. Thankfully, as Uber Eats and food delivery services are becoming more and more popular, the number of available drivers are expected to increase as well. With just a little bit of patience, you can easily squash those late night cravings without ever having to leave your home. 


All of the tasty dishes you want and need brought right to you, no matter the time, weather, or traffic! Don't want to get out in the pouring rain to pick up your favorite meal? Have it delivered so you can save time and energy while doing other, more important things. Schedule a delivery in advance or order with a single click and keep an eye on it with real-time tracking that lets you monitor your food as it comes to you. With such convenience and speed, you'll never want to go back to traditional drive-thru meals. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for restaurant closing times, as restaurants might display as being available in your area despite the fact that it is outside of their hours of operation. With a high demand for more advanced filters on all food delivery apps, it is highly likely this will be included in a new DoorDash update in the near future. Until then, just remember to check your preferred restaurant's hours that are listed in-app before you order and you'll be fine!

No matter where you are or what food you're craving, find all the best eats with these great apps that let you track your meals as they make their way to you. Everything is hot, fresh, and on-demand when you crave it most. Want even more great ways to have food brought to your front door? Check out our list of the Best 10 Apps for Food Delivery!

Order more than just Chinese now with food delivery apps! Find meal delivery services near you, order food online, and tip your driver, all from your smartphone

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