Fitting meals into your busy schedule can be tough, especially if you don't have the time to go out and pick up food for yourself. Not anymore! Get all of your favorite foods delivered directly to you with these amazing food delivery apps for local restaurants near you. Stop the endless search for "food delivery near me" and be confident that all of your preferred restaurants are in one convenient place: the palm of your hand. Order food online and get it sent to you right away! It's meal planning made easy. 


Order food from all of your favorite places with the GrubHub app that makes squashing those midnight cravings a reality! Easily locate all of the nearby restaurants you love, place an order, and wait for your meal to arrive - it's that easy. Embrace all of your unique options or go for your tried-and-true favorites; whatever you decide to order, get it fast with absolutely no hidden fees. Pre-order your meals so you can get what you want when you want it without ever having to leave your home or office. Plus, there's no wait time whatsoever. It's meals that work with your schedule and not the other way around.

Want to know how long it will be before your food arrives? Checking in with the driver might be a tad difficult. Some users have mentioned that they have no way to determine how long it will be before their food arrives, and that's because users stop receiving meal updates once their food has been sent out with a driver. However, as long as you have a little bit of patience, you will be enjoying your favorite meal right at home in no time. Have any issues? The lovely team at GrubHub customer service will be sure to help you out whenever you need it.


Browse menus online and discover all of the foods you love and more at just the click of a button. Whether you want to eat at home or in the office, get all the food you want brought right to you! Change your mind and want to pop by your favorite restaurant? No problem! Reserve yourself a table before you even get there so you can walk right in and sit down. Plus, you can pay on the app so you don't even need to bring cash with you. Find the perfect meal for every occasion and enjoy the true convenience of food delivery done your way, every day. 

Live in a small town? You might notice that there aren't a ton of restaurants nearby who are part of the BeyondMenu delivery service. Thankfully, the food delivery industry is growing rapidly, so more and more restaurants are excited to participate in this growing demand. Restaurants are popping up all over the place who want to take part in this amazing industry, which means better service and a broader assortment of options for you, the customer!


New York City can be big and intimidating; especially when it comes to food! Break down those walls with the app that brings all the best New York eats to the palm of your hand. Whether you want to take your meal to go or have it brought to your front door, the options are endless! Discover tons of hidden gems nestled into the concrete jungle that is NYC and find recommendations from local foodies who know what they're talking about. Whatever food you're in the mood for, find it fast. You'll be overwhelmed by all the possibilities!

With the most recent updates, some users have noted that they are having trouble saving their preferred addresses for home delivery. Luckily, this is an easy fix! New app updates are coming constantly, adding new and innovative features and improving the ones you already love. Just like its name, Seamless will bring you an eating experience that's easy and fun. As for being unable to save your preferred address, a new update should have that fixed lickety-split! 


The food you want, when you want it. No exceptions. Your favorite meals are delivered right to you, no matter where you are, with orders you can track all the way to your location. Find tons of promos for restaurants you know and love, plus some you don't, and get to know the eating scene around you for even better ways to satisfy your hunger. Order in advance or hit the express order button to reorder your favorite meal when you want it the most. The only thing separating you from your favorite eatery is the tap of a button. 

While there are so many eating options to choose from, the user interface leaves a bit to be desired. Searching for your favorite foods might be tricky if you don't have a restaurant already in mind, the overall selection can be a tad overwhelming to those who are new to the system. Still, receiving your food is fast, cost-effective, and easy, and again, there are just so many options! Yes, there might be a little bit of a learning curve, but you won't care once you see just how many eats you have to enjoy at the tips of your fingers. 

Order all of your favorite foods and get them sent to your front door; it's as easy as that! Don't forgo the meals you really want simply because you can't make it to the restaurant. It's food on-demand, so get it when you want it. Looking for even more great ways to order your favorite meals? Check out our list of the Best 10 Apps for Food Delivery!

Order more than just Chinese now with food delivery apps! Find meal delivery services near you, order food online, and tip your driver, all from your smartphone

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