Grow your own castle, defend your realm, or rush a few kingdoms with these three great defense games. While the kingdom and tower defense games continue to take the gaming world by storm, competition is fierce and only the most addicting have made our list. 

Grow Castle

Grow Castle is popular because it gives you the ability to grow your army, customize your heroes, and upgrade everything as you advance. Grow Castle has different game modes and options that allow you to make in-game purchases for upgrades, work your way up the hard way, play online with the multiplayer mode, and much more. Collect gold and gems to get castle supplies and upgrade your army. Rampage and pillage your neighboring villages and kingdoms to get the supplies you need. Grow Castle is not your average “Protect the Castle” game, but rather a truly addicting means to reigning over your own kingdom. 

Some formatting issues have occurred if you play on a phone with a larger screen. These kinks are on their way out and the feedback on gameplay has been excellent since recent updates. Beyond formatting, some have complained about the lack of graphic quality, but most avid players agree that it adds to the game’s character, and takes you back to the first generation of tower defense games that we originally fell in love with.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a must play tower defense game that anyone can enjoy. Impressive artwork and graphics put this addictive game over the top. As one of the best tower defense games in the app store, you will get excellent gameplay, character development, a fun storyline, and a solid challenge. Dip into fantasy mode to check out Bigfoot's cave or get the elves on your side for an epic battle to rule the ages. 

If you’re looking for a quick, easy game, then Kingdom Rush is probably not the best choice. Filled with lots of difficult levels, 50 different enemies and over 18 tower abilities, you’ll be challenged constantly. But, never fear, when you reach your limit, just refer to the in-game encyclopedia to help lead you to victory.

Realm Defense

If you love the kingdom and tower defense realm of gaming, then you will love Realm Defense. Going above and beyond your typical kingdom defense game you will encounter endless battle waves of dangerous foes, conquer far-off lands, and build your own team of heroes. Upgrade your tower to keep it self-sufficient and take secret challenges to earn extra gems and gold. 

In-app purchases can get a little bothersome, and it seems you can spend loads of money in Realm Defense compared to similar games. You can dominate the entire playing field if you purchase the $15+ characters with all of the top stats. However, the free gameplay will keep you entertained, and there is no “need” to make in-game purchases. 

No matter what kind of castle you want to defend, there is a game out there for you. You may find that Realm Defense and Kingdom Rush are rather similar, but you are likely to favor one over the other, so try both. For a non-stop action game that you can play against your friends, Grow Castle may be the right option for you. And, if still want more, check out Best 10 Kingdom, Castle & Tower Defense games!

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