Just a few decades ago, the only way you could find more about your family history was through torn-out photos and stories grandparents used to tell. Thanks to rapidly developing technology, you can easily do free ancestry search, simple DNA testing and get super accurate results.

1. Ancestry Records – The Infinite Ancestry Tree 

The overflow of information in the digital age makes it extremely hard to keep a record of the present, let alone past. Luckily, you can track your ancestry tree centuries back with few simple apps.


With a resourceful ancestry library and a well-designed search engine, you get all the needed tools to find out more about your family history. Tons of preserved photos and historical records make connecting the puzzle pieces a joyful and rewarding experience.


Every generation brings a new host of valuable memories. Thus, planting the first seed for the family tree to grow is a respectable task anyone can easily start. Collect the data, effortlessly fill out the vital information and watch the family tree branches grow.

We’re Related 

As the branches expand, you might stumble upon astounding revelations. Millions of family trees are intertwined, so don’t be surprised if you find out you’re related to a famous individual that changed the course of the history.

2. DNA Ancestry – Distant Relatives At Your Fingertips 

Human history is an enormous web and every corner, no matter how distant, is connected. With every big migration, people brought a piece of themselves and that little slice of ancestry DNA is residing in you.


In your body, there are millions of historical DNA strands that are a testament to who you are. With a simple ancestry DNA test you can find out if your roots are in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or any other continent in a matter of days.

Take a Name LDS Family History

As the results finally come in, you might be wondering what to do next. Manually browsing through endless records can be a daunting task. But with just the right app, all you have to do is enter a name and let modern technology do the rest.


While you’re exploring the DNA roots, you can easily add value far beyond your ancestry tree. Many diseases are inherited and tracking the root can save future lives. By joining the research, you don’t just explore your medical past, but also contribute to a better future.

3. Preserve & Share Memories - Pictures, Recordings & Memorials 

Memories are here to be cherished by generations yet to come and it’s our job to prepare them. As you collect information about your family tree you can pack them in beautiful multimedia albums anyone who comes after will hold dear.

FamilySearch Memories 

Discover long lost memories and put them together to create albums that will be loved and shared for generations to come. Immortalize family stories, sayings and even jokes you’ve heard through the years.

FamilySearch Tree 

Doing your own ancestry search is astonishing, but preparing the family tree for the future can be even more rewarding. Immortalize the moments in gorgeous images, audio snippets and organize them in multiple scrapbooks each with its own story.

Find a Grave  

Sometimes, just researching the Internet isn’t enough and you want to explore your ancestry in the real world. But to pull that off you need to know where to start. With this unusual app, you can easily locate your ancestors’ graves, create a list and pay your respects.

Still haven’t found what you need to make the big discovery of your origins? Easily find out even more with our Best 10 Family History & Research Apps.

Unlock the hidden secrets of your ancestry. Family and ancestry searches and DNA tests make it easy and enjoyable for you to discover your family tree.

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