Need to keep your kids busy so you can get some work done? Let your kids have fun exploring tons of amazing and educational apps with ABC games, animal games, and more!

1. Alphabet Game Apps - Songs & Shapes 

Kids will have a blast getting to know the alphabet and expanding their vocabulary with these fun alphabet games, games for learning to count, and reading games for kids!

All of the best educational tools for young kids are in one convenient and fun package! Broaden your child’s knowledge of reading, math, music, and the arts with interactive games that will keep them entertained for hours.

Your child will love singing along with fun, easy-to-learn nursery rhymes, and songs perfect for young kids. These super fun toddler games, ABC learning games, and ABC math games will teach your youngster about key concepts like shapes, numbers, animals, and healthy eating.

Help your child begin to expand upon important brain and memory functions like object permanence and short-term memory with exciting games that explore interesting patterns, match shapes, solve puzzles, and a whole lot more!

2. Fun Coloring Apps for Kids 

No need to drag loads of coloring books around! Your child will absolutely love exploring worlds of their own creation with these awesome drawing apps.

Find virtual coloring book pages with your child’s favorite subjects. From pirates to princesses, kids will have hours of endless fun creating images full of color, glitter, stickers, and more!

Bond with your kids over coloring exercises that are enjoyable for both parents and children! Choose the image you want to complete, add your favorite colors, and help teach your kids key concepts like how to spot patterns and how to follow instructions.

Provide your child with the perfect opportunity to expand his or her artistic side. Kids will adore creating their very own neon masterpieces and watch them come to life on the screen.

3. Educational Apps - Animals & Pets 

Learning about the world around them is important for the development of every child. Kids will love getting to know animals and their sounds with these fun animal game apps!

Kids will learn all about animals and the sounds they make, from barnyard animal friends to animals in the wild! Your child will want to spend hours getting to know all of the unique species that make up the animal kingdom with adorable cartoon characters to guide their learning.

Learning meets creativity with this unique piano that will have kids laughing and learning for a long time. Children will learn fun new versions of their favorite nursery rhymes along with animals sounds that they can play as instruments!

Teach children the importance of caring for another living thing with a game that lets them take responsibility for their very own virtual pet. Kids will want to spend hours caring for their new friends!

Regardless of your child’s age, he or she will stay entertained for hours with tons of fun games that teach a variety of key learning concepts. Find even more great games for children with our Best 10 Apps for Kids Entertainment!

Kids' entertainment is a full-time job! Explore the best apps for kiddos of all ages, including interactive videos, educational games, and coloring activities.

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