Learning new information can be fun and simple when you can read an encyclopedia or an atlas at your convenience. You can learn about a number of new topics through reading facts and articles about them and saving the information to your favorites list. You no longer have to worry about lugging around a large encyclopedia or manually searching ever again. These encyclopedia apps can make learning any subject time efficient and interesting. 


If you want an even more fascinating encyclopedia experience, you can now choose from over 5,000 articles and tons of videos about any topic you want. If you love Encyclopedia Britannica, Curiosity goes above and beyond with their additional content. Don’t worry about running out of new things to learn, Curiosity has lots of new information and endless content on any subject, so you never have to stop learning. Like World Book Encyclopedia, Curiosity is simple to understand but contains knowledge that you can access on your phone. Separate all your favorite content into a favorites category for an even more personalized and organized experience using the app. 

Some users have found that though Curiosity has great articles and information, the layout and interface of the app could be a little more refined. However, the app still provides interesting facts with a number of other great features like videos and articles. One could easily overlook the design of the app when receiving such great content!

Bible Encyclopedia gives you a simple way to get a deeper understanding of the Bible and specific verses. You no longer have to worry about reading your favorite Bible verse and not being able to understand the content. WikiLinks allows you to access tons of information on any topic and bookmark your favorite articles to a list for later. You can even watch Youtube videos relating to a subject through the app. If you’re a visual learner, you will find the photo gallery feature a very useful tool. 

Though both apps are extremely helpful for learning new information, Bible Encyclopedia focuses on primarily Bible-related topics and verses, so if you're looking for information that's more diverse, you might want to try Wikipedia or Curiosity. WikiLinks users have found that in order to access the full article, they have to click a second link. However, this does make it easier to search for the articles you want, making it easier to start reading the content right away!


Find interesting content without having to search for it by using the Wikipedia's Explore Feed that gives you current events and helpful suggestions on what to read. You can find content that appeals to you because Wikipedia gives you suggestions based on previous subjects you have read. Save your favorite content in an organized list with all your favorite items. If you're not really into Encyclopedia Dramatica, then Wikipedia is a good alternative with tons of facts to help you learn more. Reading at night doesn’t have to be a pain, just turn on night mode and continue reading anything on the app. If you don’t know the definition of a word, with a single tap you can access a dictionary and find out what it means! 

Wikipedia is great for anyone that likes to learn new information in a comfortable way. However, some users have noticed that when trying to access their saved articles on other devices they may not sync completely. You can always contact customer service if you have any issues, or just email links to yourself if you prefer that, so you will always have access to tons of great content. 

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