If you were the kind of kid that spent hours wrapped up in volume after volume of the World Book Encyclopedia, you’ll love these apps that bring all those pages to your phone screen! Research and studying are made easy with great resources and a world of knowledge at the touch of a search button. And with these handy offline modes, it’ll be just like having that readily-available Encyclopedia Britannica you used to have at home, only a lot less heavy.

Wikipedia Beta

Wikipedia Beta is the perfect way to get encyclopedia entries whenever you want, and try out new features before the regular Wikipedia app users! On top of the thousands of Wikipedia pages available through a simple search process, you can get customized news and articles on your home page, and browse through the "This Day in History" to learn something new every day. All the articles and pages you find can be saved and organized into reading lists that are accessible offline, so you won't have to worry about burning through your data while you research!

Getting to regularly try out the newest versions of the Wikipedia app for free is a huge benefit, but since this is a beta version, there are occasional bugs and glitches that the app developers are working out before releasing the content to the main application. Any crashes that do occur are automatically reported to the support team and quickly addressed in updates! You’re sure to be browsing for hours and helping Wikipedia improve along the way.

WikiMed (android) & Wikipanion Plus (ios)

Whether you’re a practitioner or a med student, you won’t want to leave the house without having thousands of up to date medical articles in your pocket. For Android users, WikiMed has everything from detailed disease information to molecular biology illustrations, all with cited sources that you can trust. And for those that always have tabs upon tabs open for all the Wiki pages they want to read, Wikipanion is the perfect app for iPhones. With the Queue Mode feature, you can save all the interesting articles you stumble upon for later and choose exactly which articles you would like to bookmark and which ones you want to save and continue to read without an internet connection. With all this reliable information at your disposal, you’ll never have to waste time scanning through search engine results for the resources you need.

All content on WikiMed is accessible without a wifi or data connection, so the app does require about 1 GB of free space to download. That 1 GB goes to great use with vital information whenever you need it, whether you’re working in a remote location or in a large hospital with a spotty internet connection. And while you can save as many articles as you want with Wikipanion, be aware that the more you save, the more likely the app may take a bit more time to load than usual. But you can always differentiate between favorited articles and cached articles, so you’ll be able to clear out some of your saved articles without deleting them from your lists.

If you’re more interested in satirical encyclopedias like Encyclopedia Dramatica or specifically themed wikis like Monster Girl Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Metallum, check out our Best 10 Encyclopedia & Atlas Apps for more!

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